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Feb 4, 2017

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– allowing the mind and body to consciously sync with awareness as we re-regulate the nervous system and rewire the brain.

Somato is a prefix meaning the body.
Sync stands for syncing up or connecting together.
Somatosync is the syncing up of our body and mind to our awareness.


What Is The Goal Of Somatosync?

What Is Somatosync?The goal of somatosync as it develops is to help bring healing to the world through a change in our consciousness and awareness.  However, this is unlike anything in existence today because the body connection is essential in this equation and too many healers fail to completely understand this process.  It is more than mere words being stated that try to prove a new age concept.  This is real life and real world healing with the focus on not only the mind but the body and the spirit.


What Is The Mind Body?

What Is The Mind Body?Mind Body is so over used these days and essentially everyone using it fails to fully understand it.  The mind body connection is a deep awareness and consciousness that truly connects or syncs with the body (soma).  We have a logical side in our life that is extremely important when it comes to healing, but in all forms of diseases, health conditions and illnesses, there is a component that can only be found in the body.  If the body connection is not activated and released, healing is often short termed or ineffective at best.


Somatosync Healing

Somatosync HealingHealing is many things to many people and yet, there are those who feel that they are the only ones who have the answers.  Healing is not just about seeing how high of a price someone can pay to access your special services, but it is truly meeting the person where they are and helping them to discover the answers within their own mind and body.  A healer is there as a facilitator, not necessarily as the one doing the healing.  As a healer, when you feel that through your mastery of some modality, you heal others, you are living an illusion.


Transforming Our Lives Because Of Our Purpose

Transforming Our LivesHealing is connecting and syncing up to the purpose that we are meant to fulfill on this planet in helping humanity.  For each one of us, it comes in different forms and through different life events and purposes.  The things we may view as misguided in others, may be part of a building block into lessons for our self and the entire world.  Each of us through our life’s purpose is here to transform our own mind, body and spirit and by doing so, we will transform the world through our purpose we are meant to fulfill.


Consciousness And Awareness

Consciousness And AwarenessOften used as buzzwords in new age movements, consciousness and awareness is lacking these days in our world.  To be conscious and aware means to travel within one’s mind and body and spirit.  It is questioning every aspect of your life, and your beliefs while traveling into the depths of your ego and soul.  It is about finding and discovering the layers of your life and as you release them, you discover the next layers.  It is a never ending process of self discovery.


Illusion Of Disease And Illness

Illusions Of Disease And IllnessWhat we have come to know in our world as a disease or as illness is usually not as we see it.  Most fail to see that the pains or experiences we face are messages to help awaken us to our life’s purpose.  There will come a point in our life though, that the reasons will become clear.  Instead of wasting our time focusing on new names for illnesses and diseases, we would best serve our bodies by getting to know the depths of our inner most self.  A named illness or disease is only a label, but if we become the label, we have lost our self in the process.


Somatosync Is About Evolving

Somatosync EvolvingSomatosync is not something that is a set of rules designed to say this is how everyone should always look at life. It is an evolving process of concepts I have personally learned through the trials my life has endured. Often it is easy to focus on some healing or system modality as being the whole truth for our life, when in reality we should look for the truth that applies to our life and grasp it with gusto. All things presented as truth, are not truth. We must find that which resonates within our body as we allow ourselves to travel into the depths, to not be the end point, but a step to further awareness.


In conclusion, what you find on these pages today will most likely be different tomorrow.  As I change and as I grow and evolve, so will the concept of Somatosync.  After all, living in a human body is dynamic and ever changing.  If we resign our lives to be the same tomorrow as we were yesterday or the day before, have we really lived life to the fullest? 


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