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About Don Shetterly

About Don Shetterly

Don Shetterly Waiting To Go To Oprah

Don Shetterly is a licensed massage therapist (LMT MA39456) specializing in the mind body connection and healing of trauma, anxiety and chronic pain.  Past events in his own life led him to a quest of learning how to relax and connect within that helped enable his own healing.  Mindful relaxation did not come easy to Don in the beginning, but the more he pursued it, the deeper it became.  Relaxation led Don to massage school and then into the healing trauma work through the mind body connection with Dr. Paul Canali of Miami.

In addition to his healing work, Don Shetterly is also a composer of relaxing heartfelt piano music that can be found on most of the digital sites such as iTunes, Amazon, and many others.  For more information on Don’s music, check out his main website at .

He also writes a daily blog on Mind Body Thoughts found at .

Don Shetterly is also the author of the book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma, which details some of his own life experiences, trauma and struggle through somatoform disorder (also known as conversion disorder).  In 1991, Don was paralyzed and not able to walk or take care of himself.   While this book is not a direct account of all that happened, the words form a picture of hope and possibility through trauma.

In 2010, Don Shetterly appeared on Oprah as part of the 200 Male Survivor episode.

He has also been a guest on the Dr. Drew show.

Occasionally, Don also spends time painting from a mindful based approach and allowing whatever needs to happen, appear on the canvass.

To reach Don Shetterly, go to the Contact Page.


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