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Antidepressants Change The Brain Rapidly

Antidepressants Change The Brain RapidlyResearchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany did a study to see how the brain would respond when given antidepressants.  Most of us know that it often takes a few weeks before anyone feels the effects of an antidepressant.  Yet, when the researches used an MRI to look at the effects of an antidepressant on healthy individuals, they noticed that the architecture of the brain changed very rapidly.

The researchers were shocked when the brain changes happened within three hours of a single dose.  The entire brain would light up on the MRI scans in just a short time and the researchers did not expect this to happen.  Most people take two to three weeks before they see any improvement in their life as a result of taking antidepressants.  It is suggested that the rapid changes may be something that affects the long term changes such as how the synapses in the nerves function.

As they viewed the data, they realized that the activity of the cerebellum and thalamus increased.  Normally, the cerebellum is more of a processor of signals from the spinal cord and relaying them to the thalamus which in turns sends them to the cortex.  Serotonin plays a major role in how these signals are relayed.  It appears, according to the researchers, that the cerebellum may be playing a role in higher cognitive tasks.

I love this quote from the article in the LA TImes on this study, Antidepressants rapidly alter brain architecture.

“Although the cerebellum is associated mostly with such basic functions as motor control and coordination, there are hints that it plays a role in higher cognitive tasks, perhaps by changing the way the thalamus relays signals to the cortex.”

In many ways, I believe this is at the heart of what I have learned through Dr. Paul Canali with Unified Therapy.  We go deep into the conscious mind where we allow whatever surfaces to appear.  It may be an initial moment of pain, a hot or cold temperature, a physical vibration in a muscle, restriction in breathing, tightness in a muscle, or some other sensation.  The list of sensations that we experience and become aware of when we stop, listen, and feel are as many in number as there are people.

When we experience or allow ourselves to stay with these sensations, I believe we are in the conscious mode of the synapse connections in our nervous system.  It is biologically, and even though we feel it as physical sensations in the body, the brain is the organ that is processing this experience.  Often staying with these sensations, it can become quite intense and feel as if we are doomed in some ways.  A skilled and talented therapist who has undergone this therapy is able to keep the client present and help walk through the experience with them.

As we walk through this experience with the client, movement of all types in the body is used to help release stored energy of the connection felt in the body with the conscious mind.  I think that connection is the same thing the researchers have found in this study.  In a Unified Therapy session, no drugs or medications are used.  It is all about getting someone to stop, sense, and feel while connected consciously to the sensations.  This is the origin of the moment where healing and long term change can take place and through allowing movement and continued connection and observation by the client, the body becomes aware of new and different experiences and actions it is able to take.  It is rewiring the brain.

Just to experience an altered mood by medications can be a help to someone going through depression, but physically changing the body and conscious brain from the inside-out will bring lasting peace and physical change to the body in ways that medication cannot achieve.  I have had times I have been on antidepressants in my life to function, but no real long term healing took place until I went in and did the internal deep healing in my physical body and mind that I needed to do.  It was a big difference and a life changing moment for me in my own healing.

There is so much more potential in the human body and mind then we currently see in this day and age.  We are much more than we know.  We have much more potential than we can fathom in this moment.  Antidepressants may change the brain rapidly, but there are other ways to do this that I feel provide long lasting significant changes which allow someone to heal internally from the inside-out.  Its not even so much about healing as it is about becoming consciously aware of your mind and body so that in the future the choices you make will be more positive and long lasting.  Healing is about rewiring the brain.

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