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Becoming My Unlimited Abundant Self

Becoming My Abundant SelfAll too often I hold myself back. Most likely I am not alone. Becoming my abundant self was never easy but it is changing. I’m seeing a new self emerge, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

After today’s session with Christie Marie Sheldon on the Unlimited Abundance Live course, I’m seeing how I am actually becoming my abundant self. It is there. It is beckoning to me. It is me that stands in the way of it with all my blocks.

One of the things I do is I feel like I have to take on the emotions and pains and stories of everyone around me in order to survive. I had to do this as a kid to navigate the stormy waters of everyday life. Unfortunately, I hung on to this survival tactic and made it a way of life. I undelete, uncreate, and destory this survival tactic across all time, space, dimension and reality.

In addition, I also fed myself a big whopping story that I didn’t deserve abundance. I didn’t deserve a life that was meaningful and that I enjoyed. I didn’t deserve joy and love and all that good that is there in life. Yes, I realize someone took this away from me way back when I was only 5 years old, but now I reclaim it for myself.

Life is shifting and changing for me each day as I go through this unlimited abundance journey. However, I am also scared and fearful of how others will react. I’m afraid of others seeing me as “better than” rather than just being a down to earth person. I’m afraid of others being jealous of me rather than just treating me as a regular person. I delete, uncreate, and destory all the fears and misconceptions of what will happen as I move further into my own abundance across all time, space, dimension, and reality.

I feel a lightness in my body today after the call. I began to get a little tired as we went through it, but it is like one big “sigh of relief”. As I look forward to the days ahead, I’m confident I will become more aligned with my abundant self. I will discover more and more who that person is I was meant to be, not the one I am afraid to be.



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  1. keithcooper says:

    Dear Mr. Shetterly,

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    Keith P.Cooper

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