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My A-Ha Moment On Unlimited Abundance

A funny thing happened from the webinar that just ended. Christy was talking about taking massive action and a wasp landed on the hammock where I was laying. Talk about massive action!  It is kind of like, get up and move quickly! But as I thought through this, what impacted me is that I had let someone beg on my soft side and got me to give a lot for very little. Sure, I was making progress but then I started to see how I was being used as a crutch. It ended up making me sick physically and I just lost all will power to continue. I’ve hidden in my little cave for the last two weeks avoiding everyone. I don’t want healing to be about money.  The … Read entire article »


Writing Moves Stuck Energy Of Trauma

One of the things that you can do to help you deal with the anger and pain of being abused or wronged is to write a letter that you don’t mail. This is something that will help you move through energy that gets stuck.  It is a good exercise for helping to heal from trauma. For those that have been abused, it isn’t easy dealing with the anger and pain from the experiences we have gone through. There isn’t always an easy way to let it out, and sometimes trying to find an appropriate way is just too difficult.  Trauma gets stuck in the mental, emotional, and physical parts of the body, so … Read entire article »

Becoming My Unlimited Abundant Self

All too often I hold myself back. Most likely I am not alone. Becoming my abundant self was never easy but it is changing. I’m seeing a new self emerge, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. After today’s session with Christie Marie Sheldon on the Unlimited Abundance Live course, I’m seeing how I am actually becoming my abundant self. It is there. It is beckoning to me. It is me that stands in the way of it with all my blocks. One of the things I do is I feel like I have to take on the emotions and pains and stories of everyone around me in order to survive. I had to do this … Read entire article »

My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Month 2

  Oh boy, was the setting for listening to this call ever a doozy.  I was on a much needed and long overdue vacation, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to participate in this conference call of the Unlimited Abundance Live program.  Funny thing though that happened (ok, maybe not funny, but in some ways it is unusual how events took place).  We were on our way back home and after stopping to eat, I got food poisoning.  I ended up not leaving a hotel room for the next two days as I was so sick.  So I had plenty of time to listen to the program from … Read entire article »

My Daily Flu Shot

I know many out there will most likely disagree or ignore what I am saying in this blog post.  Too many think that if I don’t go and get my flu shot like what is promoted in our society, that somehow I’m causing others to get sick.  I think this is so far from the truth, but it is the paradigm that society has bought into. Everyone gets all up in arms about antibiotics, but they don’t stop to think of what they are putting into their body with shots and medications and all kinds of other substances they consume or drink.  It is one-sided in my view. Personally, I think we overdo … Read entire article »

Observing Mom And Dad Spend Money

This is part of my journey of learning into Unlimited Abundance.  The first call in the series of this program was on the Mom and Dad energy.  It isn’t meant to beat up or blame Mom and Dad.  It is about observing what we learned and saw and then adjusting and re-calibrating our own life. For me, I saw my Dad spend money.  We would get the weekly sales fliers in the newspaper and he’d go through them looking for everything he should run and buy.  Most of the items were probably something that could be justified and we could use, but they were not really necessary.  They were nice to haves, but … Read entire article »

Abundance And Clearing Mom Energy

  After the first session with Christie Marie Sheldon in the live group, I felt very heavy yesterday.  I’m not surprised.  There is a big section of my life related to all the energy that is locked within me regarding my mom.  I’m sure the mom energy is impacting my abundance especially after yesterday’s session where it became quite evident. Last night, I went to bed and was feeling pretty good, but the pain in my neck picked up greatly.  It got so intense that I had to get up and try to walk it off.  I received information that I needed to work on clearing the “pain in my neck” and whatever it … Read entire article »

Autonomic Scream Therapy

It all started in an earlier session of Unified Therapy.  I didn’t start out thinking I was going to scream or feel like a scream would help.  I just started into the process that day on the table.  The usual sensations came up including the feeling like I was going to pass out.  The numbness and disconnectedness were so prevalent in my body that I wasn’t sure if I could get past that long enough to go into the process. Little by little we did the dance of going into the pain and discomfort of the body, backing out every now and then to catch my breath.  Little by little I would compare … Read entire article »

Antidepressants Change The Brain Rapidly

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany did a study to see how the brain would respond when given antidepressants.  Most of us know that it often takes a few weeks before anyone feels the effects of an antidepressant.  Yet, when the researches used an MRI to look at the effects of an antidepressant on healthy individuals, they noticed that the architecture of the brain changed very rapidly. The researchers were shocked when the brain changes happened within three hours of a single dose.  The entire brain would light up on the MRI scans in just a short time and the researchers did not expect this to happen.  Most people take two … Read entire article »

Conversion Disorder Does Not Mean Mental Illness

All too often everyone associates Conversion Disorder with something that is wrong in the head of a person.  They associate it with mental illness.  People think that a person suffering from this condition is mentally ill.  While it may have roots and tentacles into mental illness, this is short sighted at best if you are going to attempt to help the whole person.  Getting upset because most may not understand this condition, will not do much for the healing of Conversion Disorder. Granted, I understand the frustration when various physical assaults are taking place in your body, especially the ones that you can’t even begin to understand.  When you add to it that … Read entire article »