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Blog Post Topics

Blog Posts Topics is a quick reference page by topic of various blog posts that have been written and published on this site.

Autonomic Pulse Rate

  1. Christmas Pulse Rate (12/24/11) – How Don Shetterly took steps during Christmas which is a very difficult time for him, to lower his autonomic pulse rate.


Conversion Disorder

  1. Misconceptions About Conversion Disorder (8/19/13) – Through Don’s own experience of a conversion disorder and healing from it, Don Shetterly discusses misconceptions about this condition.
  2. Healing Conversion Disorder Interview (5/15/12) – Groundbreaking interview with a pioneer in trauma recovery and trauma healing, Dr. Paul Canali.
  3. Does Conversion Disorder Require Trauma (5/26/14) – We all want to believe that Conversion Disorder is caused by something biologically even if we know that is not true.  Focusing on knowing the story first is not helpful in the treatment and healing of Conversion Disorder.  Generally trauma is present, but more often than not, it is unconscious and the patient is unaware of its affects or presence upon their physical body.



  1. Shame Keeps Us From Being Vulnerable (3/28/12) – Brene Brown talks about how shamekeeps us from being vulnerable.  Being vulnerable is the true measure of courage..
  2. Brene Brown At TED (3/26/12) – Speaking on vulnerability and numbing emotions, this is the talk that Brene Brown gave at the TED conference.  Awesome and mind blowing information that she shares.  It is a must see!



  1. Escape The Bad Parts In Healing (5/10/15) – Even though we often want to escape the bad parts of healing, we need those to truly heal.  They are part of the healing experience and so you can’t have one without the other.
  2. Body Movement In Healing (5/18/15) – I began to observe just how my body moved in a healing session.  It was interesting in what it showed me about the big picture of healing.


Mind Body Connection

  1. Christmas And The Mind Body Connection (12/13/12) – Often during Christmas we neglect our mind body connection.  If we stop and rest for a moment, we can take better care of our self during this holiday time.
  2. Numbing The Mind And Body (6/14/14) – Numbing may be needed as a survival mechanism at the time of trauma, but if we don’t turn it off after that, we will begin to lose our self and it will catch up with us.
  3. Losing Focus In Healing  (7/31/14) – When we are losing focus in healing, we are not able to truly find the quality of life through our health we want.


NeuroScience Research

  1. Erasing Trauma And Painful Memories (12/28/13) – Researchers using ECT to help erase trauma and painful memories may be missing the mind body connection.
  2. Does Brain Training Work? (01/14/14) – Places such as Luminosity claim that online braining training games work.  Recently published studies suggest that this may not be the case.  Does brain training work?


Unified Therapy

  1. Recent Unified Therapy Session March 2012 (3/21/12) – Describing a recent Unified Therapy session that took place at Integrative Bodywork with Dr. Paul Canali in March 2012.  While many most likely do not know about this work, this is an attempt to give greater insight into what it is.
  2. Autonomic Scream Therapy (6/08/12) – Autonomic scream therapy describes the visceral and guttural scream that came out of my Unified Therapy session was a strong mind body connection that came from deep within my consciousness.



  1. Harmless Traumatization (3/13/12) – While we often don’t realize it, we may be experiencing traumatization more than we know.
  2. Writing Moves Stuck Energy Of Trauma (1/12/16) – Often energy can become stuck in our body after trauma, abuse or other pains we experience in life.  Writing can help move the stuck energy from our mind, body, and emotions.


Unlimited Abundance

  1. Abundance And Clearing Mom Energy  (9/13/15) – Even though my mom passed away several years ago, I was surprised in a recent Unlimited Abundance conference call of just how much that impacted money and abundance flow to me.
  2. Observing Mom And Dad Spend Money (9/18/15) – How we see our Mom and Dad spend and earn money affects our abundance and how we view money and abundance.


Whole Food Smoothies In Blendtec Blender

  1. My Daily Flu Shot (10/11/15) – Making whole food smoothies in our Blendtec Blender is how I take my daily flu shot.


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