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Bruce Lipton On The Conscious Mind

Bruce Lipton On The Conscious MindAs I was watching this video of Bruce Lipton on the conscious mind, I realized just how important and powerful the information was that he was sharing.  It appears that this interview was done for the Tapping World Summit, but in any event it applies to what I am trying to accomplish on this site and how I view our mind and body works.  This page is some of my thoughts, observations, and notes from watching the video on YouTube.

It was interesting to find out that Bruce Lipton was one of the early pioneers of stem cell research.  I know he wrote a book, The Biology Of Belief, but it is one that I have not read.  As he was sharing some of his history, he stated how he violated the central dogma of bio-medicine.

In bio-medicine, central dogma is that information in the body flows from our DNA to our RNA which then creates protein that is utilized by our body.  Essentially the medical world looks at the fate of our body as determined by the genes or genetics you were born with that controls what happens in our life.  In other words, our genes dictates who we are and we have little say in what happens to us or how our life unfolds.  Many in the world view this as the science that everyone should adhere to in their life.

If you feel like this view of science is not how our population approaches the human body, just consider the family history that is asked when you go see a doctor or buy insurance.  Another example is that children often feel that whatever diseases or ailments the parents had indicate what they will get in their own life.  Of course, you can prove this over and over with data, but no one tends to apply common sense to the data or test a hypothesis outside of current medical dogma.  If someone attempts to test the information outside of the current norm, they are often dismissed or  ostracized.

According to Bruce Lipton and many others, there is another aspect to our body and our biology which includes the conscious mind and the invisible field otherwise known as the quantum field.  When you being to understand the quantum field, you will then begin to understand the body.  It involves the mind in the function of the body, something which allopathic medicine fails to use in the healing of illness and disease.

I found it interesting when he was talking about the placebo effect and that current medical training only involves a very limited amount of study devoted to this important concept.  He goes on to share that one-third of all medical healing is due to the placebo effect.  The mind does have the ability to influence healing in the body.  The nocebo effect is just as powerful where negative thoughts can make a person ill.  Seventy percent of our thoughts are negative and redundant which only serves to take health away from our lives.

When you look at how modern medicine is controlled by money and influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, it is easy to see how some of these views are practiced without much thought.  There are many doctors and medical staff that see beyond this, but they are often silenced by the majority.  The medical machine makes sure that the human population is kept alive on the products they produce.  Healing by the mind is a product that doesn’t make the industry any money.

Bruce Lipton goes on to talk about the power of positive thinking and the conscious mind.  When a person just has positive thoughts, it does not mean they will manifest potential within their body or mind.  In essence, it is often nothing more than someone shouting into the wind as he puts it.  While positive thoughts uses your mind to create a field that helps to shape our biology, the conscious and subconscious mind play a more important role.

The conscious mind is the part that runs our creativity and higher self, while the subconscious mind is the part that is responsible for our the daily operation of our life.   The subconscious mind is the programs that we learned long before we were six years old and it runs our biology at least 90% of the the time.  It is like a tape player that plays recorded messages all day long as if a script was dictating our life to us.  On the other hand, the conscious mind only operates 5% of the day.

Often we do not realize when the subconscious mind plays the programs that we rely upon in our life.  Even though we have positive intentions and we are trying as hard as we can to make it in life, our subconscious mind just continues to play the programmed messages.  If you learn how to change your subconscious program and allow your conscious mind to take over, you can change your life.

Often we have learned that our genes control everything in our life and that if you have a gene for some illness, disease, condition or trait, that this will influence who you become in your body.  Yet, our genetic code is nothing more than a blueprint or a pattern that is read by our mind.  The thoughts we hold on to in our mind control what part of our genetic blueprints are read and acted upon.  In the interview Bruce Lipton shares that the mind can create over 30,000 possibilities from our genetic blueprint.  If you think about this for a moment, you will quickly realize just how much potential we have in the expression of our genes.  Each day and with each thought we modify the readout of our genes.

Ultimately, we are what we listen to in our mind.  We have been programmed all our life to be victims and devalue ourselves, yet we are much more powerful than we realize.  Modern medical care has us looking to doctors and outside people as having the answers for our life.  Yet, if we learn to look within our life and change our conscious mind, then we can heal ourselves.  The quantum field and thoughts in our mind are just as important in our biology as anything else.

To view the Video of Bruce Lipton on YouTube, click this link.


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