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Christmas And The Mind Body Connection

Christmas And The Mind Body ConnectionA year ago, I had written a blog post on the holiday season and my pulse rate. However, the subject of it is still important this year. The post was titled Christmas Pulse Rate. No matter what we believe or feel about Christmas, it affects our mind body in serious ways. All you have to do is take a look around and you’ll see evidence of this.

Take for example how everyone tends to get pushy, greedy, and angry during this time of year. Everyone tends to bad mouth the early start to the holiday shopping season, but you sure don’t see a shortage of people out there busting through the crowds to get those gifts of love they will give. You see a lot of rudeness, anger, and grabbing to get the last item on the shelf. You see the pushy people acting as if they are the only ones that matter whether it is in the store or the parking lot.

Our emotions and how conscious our mind body connection is, determines how we react and participate in this season. I’m not sitting here and saying that to be conscious means you cannot celebrate Christmas, but I am trying to make the point that these behaviors we see, are not from people who are conscious. It isn’t just everyone else but our self that has these problems either because remember when you point the finger at all those people with this problem, you are forgetting yourself in the mix. We all engage in this in some form or manner, but lets hope that we evolve and understand how Christmas affects the mind body connection.

Another area where it shows up is in how busy we keep ourselves during this time. We don’t allow ourselves to stop and rest because we have to get to this Christmas production or program or some party in order to show we can keep up with everyone else.  It is out of a sense that we are expected to do this, that we attend everything we do.   We neglect our bodies and we shove foodstuffs into them at alarming rates, not giving one thought to how unhealthy all of this is. We reason that there will be time to slow down and eat right after the holidays, but what kind of message is that sending to the body? Many people often get sick with colds, laryngitis, or flu during this time and seem not to make the connection between the stress they put themselves under and the illness.

Of course, the other main area of mind body stress comes in when we consider how family interactions take place during Christmas. Everyone wants to believe that the Norman Rockwell Christmas is the ideal Christmas and yet, there is not a family out there where everything is happy, peaceful, and calm. If someone claims it is, then I’ll just roll my eyes for now at that statement. From the worry and stress of gift giving to the interactions of a family reunited, stress is abundant. In our culture, everyone tends to just intoxicate themselves a little more or eat until their gut is feeling like it has been beaten to death to numb the mind body connection.

We are the masters of our what we do in our life. We are the ones responsible for the choices we make and our level of consciousness or lack there of in our life. If we don’t take care of ourselves during this time of year, who will? If we don’t open our eyes to how we impact our mind and body during this time, no one else will be able to show us what we cannot see.

It is up to each one of us (not the world at large) to do what we need to do during Christmas for the mind body connection. The more awake and conscious we are, the more we will realize that this time of year is not about gift giving and worrying whether someone will like the gift you gave them. It isn’t about attending holiday parties, church services and seeing how many charity dollars you can rack up for the month. It isn’t about rushing into the stores to see how many grand bargains you can get and how much you can buy.

Christmas is about a time of peace and goodwill towards men. It is a time of celebrating life, including our own mind body connection. It is about adopting a mindset that should carry throughout the entire earth of how we can give back to those around us. How can we impact the world in a positive way. Sure, there are all kinds of beliefs during this time of year that many subscribe to, but try to go in to the season with your eyes wide open, rather than closing them to all that is around you.  When you do this, much more will be given to you during this Christmas Holiday season.


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