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Christmas Pulse Rate

Christmas Pulse RateAs I get closer and closer to Christmas, the pain of the season affects me intensely through anxiety, despair and sense of loss. There are many things that I have been through in my life and even though I continue to heal and push through them, Christmas is a difficult time of year for me.

Continuing to check my pulse rate during the days leading up to Christmas, I see that it is high. It matches up with what I feel inside my body from the nervousness and inability to relax. I’m not surprised by the pulse rate readings around 96. If I was able to get some body work at this time, I’m sure I could really drop it down much more. The impact of the holiday though, takes my physical body into an imbalance.

One thing I am trying to do this year is going through some deep relaxation in order to help me deal with the the Christmas holiday and to help lower my pulse. This of course, is not just regular relaxation, but it is connecting deep within my body and working to let go of that which is coming up within me.

Focusing on my breathing during this time in a deep, long and sustained manner, I can often feel my body twitching and jerking as it let’s go of the energy that it is holding on to. There are no emotions that are surfacing at this moment because the pain is just so great, it would be like opening a floodgate in the midst of a 500 year flood. For now, I am fine with that and I allow whatever needs to happen in the way that it happens.

In conclusion though, this is Christmas Eve Day as I write this and just before I did the relaxation on my massage table, my pulse was 96. Approximately a half hour later, when I checked my pulse rate, it had dropped down to 83. While 83 is still not perfect, it is much better than a high pulse rate. I keep in mind that after Christmas Day, my physical body normally changes back to a more relaxed, balanced, and less stressed state.

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