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Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind  is more about how aware we are of our place in this world, rather than how smart or intelligent we think we may be.  It is more of evolving towards a higher self where we discover how we can help the civilization of this world to grow and realize its full potential.  The conscious mind is the part of our being that is the creative and the higher part of our self.  It is much more than that, but for a brief explanation, this is a beginning.


  1. Bruce Lipton On The Conscious Mind (6/11/12) – In this YouTube video, Bruce Lipton talks about the conscious and subconscious mind in regards to how it affects every part of our life.  We are more powerful than we often understand and while we can heal ourselves, we often cause our own illness.  He discusses the placebo effect, power of positive thinking, how much of our current life is dictated by the first 6 years of our childhood, in addition to the role that genes play in our biology.



  1. Bruce Lipton – Science & Theory Behind The Tapping World Summit  (YouTube) – While this interview was obviously done for a conference on tapping, the information contained in it applies across the spectrum of life and biology.  He discusses the conscious mind and the subconscious in how it runs our life and how we can use it to change our life.


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