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Consciousness On Mind Body Thoughts

consciousness on mind body thoughtsThis is the page regarding the topic of consciousness on the Mind Body Thoughts blog.  These topics are actually blog posts that have been written and apply to the subject matter and content of

Please continue to check back as this page will continually update from time to time.

I have tried to arrange these in alphabetical order with the date that they were posted.

Blog Posts On Consciousness


  1. Are Humans One Dimensional?  (March 25, 2012)
    We often see humans being one dimension at play every day in our life, in medicine and health care, group think, learning and opening ourselves up to new experiences.  When we only look at one thing in our life or we have a singular focus of what we need to do in our day, we are missing out on the fullness of life.  This post is a challenge to get us to think deeper and further than we currently do, because in many ways, we all do this in our day.
  2. Consciously Connecting With Our Authentic Self  (March 20, 2012)
    Thinking about how we connect with not only others in a day, but also our self, will get us much further in life when it comes to being a conscious person.  When we treat others in a bad way, we are doing the same thing to our own self as well as the world.  Learning to slow down, stop, sense and feel, we can connect to the more authentic part of our self.
  3. The Simplicity Of Life  (May 20, 2012)
    Based upon the book, You Are The Answer by Michael Tamura, this blog post focuses on the simplicity of life.  We often go through our days without being conscious as if we are robots with one task after another to complete.  All too often, we miss the simple part of life and as a result make our lives much more complex and difficult than they need to be.
  4. There Is No Coming To Consciousness Without Pain (February 18, 2012)
    Although we often want to avoid all pain in our life, it is there for a reason.  We as humans know how to numb ourselves from pain by not being conscious and doing everything to keep us from feeling the pain.  Because pain is there as a message to us, we need to go into it and listen to it and learn from it.  Only when we travel into the pain, will we take back our power that it is attempting to rob from us.


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