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Conversion Disorder

Conversion Disorder is a condition where the person has some type of stressor or traumatic event that lies dormant until a minor or major stressful events takes place.  The results is the brain converting stressors into real time physical conditions such as paralysis, blindness, loss of bladder control, digestive disorders, skin conditions and many other conditions.

My Experiences

  1. Meeting Another Conversion Disorder Survivor (4/10/12) – Don Shetterly shares his experiences as he learns to help others with conversion disorder heal from this condition.  It is his own personal account.
  2. Don Shetterly on Dr. Drew About Conversion Disorder & Leroy, NY (4/20/12) – On February 1, 2012, Don Shetterly was on as a special guest for the Dr. Drew show in regards to the Leroy, NY medical mystery.  The goal was to show someone that had survived through a conversion disorder to give hope to the girls experiencing these unidentified symptoms.
  3. Conversion Disorder Doesn’t Mean You’re Crazy (1/14/13) – In this article, Don Shetterly shares some of his own experiences with conversion disorder and helps to give a more accurate explanation of conversion disorder and how he healed it in his own life.   This article is a work in progress and will more fully evolve over time.   If you are going through conversion disorder or know someone that is, just know that you’re not crazy and something is not wrong with you.  There is hope and healing, but the path may be different than what you have come to believe.
  4. Minimizing Trauma In Conversion Disorder (4/29/13) – Sharing from his own experiences, Don Shetterly talks on that he like many other conversion disorder survivors minimize trauma.  It is the brain’s attempt to protect the individual and through numbing and minimization, there is a disconnect between the physical symptoms and the traumatic experiences.
  5. Such A Happy Person In Conversion Disorder (11/6/15) – All Don’s friends thought he was such a happy person and in fact, his nickname was often “smiley”.  It wasn’t until Don went through the Conversion Disorder that everyone found out just how much of a mess Don lived in each day of his life.



  1. What Is Conversion Disorder (5/6/12) – Conversion disorder is how the nervous system manifests stress and traumatic experiences that have not been discharged through physical manifestations in the body.  While there are many questions in how to treat this condition, there is healing and hope.
  2. Conversion Disorder Is Not All In Your Head (4/22/12) – Even though one of the most common things that conversion disorder patients hear is that it is all in your head, it is anything but that.  There is much more to it and making a statement such as this is helpful to no one in healing from this situation.
  3. Does Conversion Disorder Require Trauma (5/26/14) – We all want to believe that Conversion Disorder is caused by something biologically even if we know that is not true.  Focusing on knowing the story first is not helpful in the treatment and healing of Conversion Disorder.  Generally trauma is present, but more often than not, it is unconscious and the patient is unaware of its affects or presence upon their physical body.
  4. Understanding Conversion Disorder (6/06/14) – Too many people write about Conversion Disorder, but even with all that is published, much of the medical and treatment community is at a lost in how to treat Conversion Disorder.  I continue to publish what I know to be true based upon my own experiences, in hopes that others will begin to understand that Conversion Disorder is a Somatoform disorder on steroids.
  5. 10 Myths Of Conversion Disorder (03/22/16) – I am not one to follow paradigms and so I have shared on this page, 10 myths of Conversion Disorder that I see perpetuated in the healing world.  I write from my own experience as I healed my mind and body from Conversion Disorder.
  6. Diagnosing And Treating Conversion Disorder (04/08/16) – Dr. Rochelle Caplan from the University of California, Los Angeles talks at the ADAA 2016 conference on how to accurately diagnose and treat conversion disorder in youth.  This page is notes that I took while watching the corresponding video.  It is some excellent information on Conversion Disorder and Dr. Caplan articulates very well how to diagnose and treat this disorder.



  1. Healing Conversion Disorder With Dr. Paul Canali (5/15/12) –  In a groundbreaking interview, we explore what is behind a conversion disorder and somatization with Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing Institute.



  1. Epileptic Seizures Caused By Stress (4/18/12) – A study done at John Hopkins University to help understand seizures often found in conversion disorder patients.


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