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Conversion Disorder Does Not Mean Mental Illness

Conversion Disorder Does Not Mean Mental IllnessAll too often everyone associates Conversion Disorder with something that is wrong in the head of a person.  They associate it with mental illness.  People think that a person suffering from this condition is mentally ill.  While it may have roots and tentacles into mental illness, this is short sighted at best if you are going to attempt to help the whole person.  Getting upset because most may not understand this condition, will not do much for the healing of Conversion Disorder.

Granted, I understand the frustration when various physical assaults are taking place in your body, especially the ones that you can’t even begin to understand.  When you add to it that many of the Conversion Disorder symptoms mimic other major diseases, its enough to make the most sane person climb the walls!  When you add to this, a medical establishment that does not understand Conversion Disorder at all and even if they know what it is, seeing how to treat it is yet another major complication.

I see people automatically get defensive when Conversion Disorder is diagnosed or discussed.  Everyone wants to claim that it is not related to or caused by stress, or past experiences in life.  Everyone wants to think that they are fine and dandy and life is full of beautiful rainbows.  I know from first hand experience that I was much this way in the early days, thinking that I had life all together and displaying to the world and those close to me, that I did.

Stress and past experiences do play a major role in Conversion Disorder.  You can read more on this site about my own experiences and some of the treatments that I have found extremely effective.  Of course, if you want to argue and claim stress and past experiences are nothing more than me blaming this on mental issues, that is your choice as well.  I will give you a hint though, that the sooner you quit fighting what may lie beneath what you are experiencing, the quicker you will find a pathway to healing.

Yes, there can be a whole host of diseases and illnesses causing symptoms that show up as Conversion Disorder.  Yes, sometimes the diagnosis of Conversion Disorder is the easy way out.  Before you go attacking a possible explanation, thoroughly check it out and drop the defenses long enough to see what lies behind what your life truly is.  You should rule out all health concerns, but when that is done, it is time to get down to the moments of truth.

Not everything in our body or happens to our body has to be looked at that there is something wrong with us.  The sooner we can get past that idea, the better we will be.  The current state of our body is the result of something that has taken its toll on it and is showing up physically, whether that is disease and illness or past experiences or stress.  Just because you struggle with depression or anxiety or other things and it may be classified as mental illness, it does not mean that you are somehow crazy or screwed up or things can’t change.  I realize that this is how we think and view the health of our body in this day and age, but if you want to heal, the fastest way you can do this is to let go of these old and worn out paradigms.

When I went through Conversion Disorder, there was no internet where I could search for answers.  The topic was not being discussed.  Anxiety attacks were thought to be a patient faking symptoms and very few doctors even understood it, let alone knew what to do in treating it.  Many thought someone like myself would never fully regain the ability to function in life normally and in many ways, I did not believe I could return to normal like everyone else.

I had to struggle for years, healing myself piece by piece without much medical advice to assist me.  Somehow I found my way through this, but the one thing I could easily see was that my past experiences (even though I didn’t fully realize them consciously) and the stress I had put my body under was directly responsible for the condition that I found myself in.  I had to learn to let go of my defenses in order to begin finding myself.  Was it easy?  No!

There is some healing work out there called Unified Therapy that has made great differences for people with Conversion Disorder.  Dr. Paul Canali helped me in ways that I didn’t think were possible and as a result  both of us have learned so much about how to treat Conversion Disorder.  Please, whatever you do, don’t hold on to the old paradigms and don’t blame yourself that something is wrong with you.  Get past that!  Go into the healing to learn about connecting consciously with your body, rather than fighting and resisting all that may help you.

Don’t give up and don’t stop searching for things that can help you.  Not every treatment out there is beneficial and not every concept out there that goes against your beliefs is wrong.

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  1. jan cooper says:

    my son was diagnosed a year and a half ago with conversion disorder. He has coughed severely for five years. He has just has a huge set back in his recovery and I am beyond worried, as his mother. He needs help fast and was wondering if Dr. Sarno does therapy over skype? We live in Canada so hope this is an option.
    Thank you
    Jan Cooper

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