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Describe A Recent Unified Therapy Session March 2012

A reader wrote in and asked me to describe what a session did for me and how it made me feel better.  Here is my attempt to describe a more recent session of Unified Therapy that I had with Dr. Paul Canali.  This session took place at Integrative Bodywork in Rockledge, FL – the office of Jim Fazio.

For more information on Unified Therapy and Dr. Canali, click this link

For more information on Integrative Bodywork and Jim Fazio, click this link.

A couple of weeks ago I called Dr. Canali and was in deep excruciating pain.  With my training, I know that it was just a lot coming up with many layers from some relationship things to the Dr. Drew show. [note:  view this post on Mind Body Thoughts concerning the Dr. Drew show by clicking, this link.] In all reality, I could not really put my finger on it but I knew my nervous system was pushed very hard.  I’ve been having so much pain in my neck and difficulty focusing that it was getting hard to function in a day.  My energy level was wearing thin and my patience was much thinner.

So here’s a little of how my session went and hopefully it will help shed more light.  (I got long winded here but hopefully this all makes sense)

When I first got in there my anxiety level was so high that I was shaking.  For me, this tends to be normal because things (such as what I was sharing above and other things I’m not always fully conscious of in that moment) are just bubbling to the surface.  His first thing with me was to just get me to relax and calm down a little.  My nervous system was already maxed out and there was no need to push it any further.  He reminded me for like the  zillionth time that I was safe and I knew him and I was okay.  Once I started to hear those words, my body started to realize everything was going to be okay.  Fear usually kicks everything up and when were stressed, there is plenty of fear inside of our body.

We then started with breathing and trying to sense and feel in my body.  Today, it was tough for me to get there because I was not feeling much.  However, he works with me in a step by step way to sense and feel and compare.  Once you see this in action, it will make more sense but in a concise way, it really is an attempt to get me to go in through the fears (that are producing the anxiety, tension, and pain) and connect with my body.

There are so many ways to do this and for each person it is different.  Usually the parts of the body that show the most tension or pain or even the least amount of movement are areas that he will focus on.  Through directed focus that he guides someone into and along with them trying to sense what they are really feeling, you get to the point where the autonomic nervous system can re-regulate and balance itself.   It is a built in system but most of us don’t have any idea how to access it and even if we did, that safety of someone who can walk through the fire (so to speak) is needed to keep the fears from being overwhelming.

Each person is different in how this works and how the body re-regulates itself.  It is the same basic mechanism in the body, but when it lets go and releases, the body finds balance and peace.  It is a deeper peace than any form of relaxation has ever taken me.  As Dr. Canali explained to me one time, if you have a full closet, you can’t put anything in it until you take something out.  In the body, if it is full of stress, anxiety, fear, etc – until you release something, you can’t get to the deep peace.  Once you experience that deep peace and awareness it is like I was on the table today – don’t get me up – I’m so happy right in this place I am in.

Sometimes when the body re-regulates itself, there may be shaking, coughing, emotions, trembling, or just about anything can happen.  I’ve had legs freeze up for a few moments like today or sometimes the pain increases until it releases.  I’ve sometimes screamed, laughed, cried, yelled, cursed, almost puked – you name it, I’ve probably done it like many others.  While this may sound horrible, it is a temporary thing that doesn’t last very long but when the system kicks in and goes through this moment, you know without a doubt that your body is doing what it needs to in order to let go.  We’ve just been taught as humans to hold everything in and when we do that, it stores itself up as potential energy looking for a way out.

Dr. Canali always tries to keep it from becoming overwhelming and so he may take me into things for just a moment and if he sees me getting overwhelmed, he brings me back to a safe, more comforting place.  We may do this a few times before my brain and my body say – hey, I can do this.  I can go into this painful part of my life and take back my power.  It is like a master healing system that takes over and knows what is best for your body – I think Dr. Canali refers to that as innate intelligence.

Even though I’ve been through this process so many times, I sometimes struggle to let go and go through the fear coming up.  Today, part of the fear I struggled with was some of the physical memories of me dying in the hospital.  That is a first for me, but throughout the process today, it didn’t overwhelm me.  It got very intense and I cried a lot but when that was over, oh my – I was in such a deep state of peace in my mind.  I didn’t want that to end!

In the end, it isn’t just about the deep peace, but the new awareness and consciousness of the body that brings about life changing moments.  It is in this state that the body is in a rest and repair mode where it can heal itself in ways that no medical person can.

When you see the process unfold, I think it will make much more sense.  There is a tremendous amount of science behind why this works in the way that it does.  Dr. Canali is so perceptive that he picks up on subtle nuances of the body that most people doing bodywork will never see.  Sometimes the process isn’t as dramatic as this and sometimes it takes you for a ride.  It just unfolds naturally in the way that it needs to and as long as there is a safe space, it happens.

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