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Do My Activities Make Me Profit

Do My Activities Make Me Profit

Do my activities make me profit in my desire to achieve unlimited abundance

This subject came out of the Unlimited Abundance call today and I just have to write about this.  It is the issue I’m facing.  With so many things that hit me, it felt like one tsunami after another was engulfing me.  It felt like no matter what, i could not get my footing and I was slipping away from reality.

One thing after another has hit and its felt like I just lost everything that mattered.  I’m actually spending time out in nature, trying to regroup and refocus.  So, I’m going to share some things that came up for me from the phone call today on the Unlimited Abundance program.

I am sharing all the joys and trials, the high points and the low points, from this year long process of Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon.  I feel like I write more about it then what I expected to put on this site and if you are looking for something different, there are no apologies.  I write about my own growth.  Its the way I have always been and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Some of the things that I wrote down which are standing in the way of me being profitable in my life and came out of this call include the following.  I don’t see these as excuses as some might think, but as things that I need to work through and let go of, so I can be more of who I am.


Things That Hold Me Back

  1. Lack of adequate income in my life right now.  Little bits have trickled in the last month, but not enough to sustain me and when that happens, I lose all interest in doing anything.  It is just how I operate but it gets in the way of me moving forward.
  2. I’m scared that if I get wealth, it will corrupt me and change me into someone that I don’t want to be.  I read enough of the horror stories from past lottery winners and it really got to me.  There are qualities about myself that I connect with others on a deep level, and I in no way want to give those up.  This is one of my limiting fears and beliefs which holds me back.
  3. Some days and all too often, I think that I cannot do it!  I can’t make a go of it in what I truly want to do and what interests me most, so I often revert to doing nothing or procrastinating or holding back from taking massive action.
  4. In many ways, I was taught the sackcloth and ashes routine that the lack of money and income is the way things are, the way things will be and there is no changing it.  In many ways, it is almost like the way all spiritual people need to be.  I realize it is a limiting belief from a long time ago,  but it does hold me back.
  5. While I may want to convince myself that I can do it and that all is possible, lack often feels like reality.  This issue came up and I identified it, but I’m not certain I know how to overcome this at this point.  I know I need to delete, uncreate, destory anything and everything that stands in my way of realizing and acknowledging and embracing my full potential.
  6. There are other minor things that come into the rear view mirror as I look at what holds me back.  They are not majorly significant, but they impact and give credibility to the other culprits and profit robbers.  I’m too introverted is a common theme for me because it is easier for me to hide in my cave, rather than risk the interaction with others and the fears that entails.  Feeling like I don’t have enough time and energy only makes it a bigger mountains.  Feeling worthless is a constant fear multiplier that has plagued me for most of my life.
  7. It is also hard for me to say “NO” at times to people and so I end up getting taken advantage of in situations.  I’m a nice person and people often take my niceness as something to use and abuse or that I have no clue where I’m going.  Often, I’m just nice and as a result, that is seen as weakness.  The condescending people love a person that is nice, but not in a good and healthy way.
  8. The vision I have for where my life will play a major role in this world is still a little difficult for me to define.  It isn’t easy, because it not something that has been already created and so no one knows how to relate to what it is.  I’m still trying to understand not only how to define it, but how to find the way to do it.  Right now, these seem like monumental mountains to climb, but I have faith that in the end, it will all work out.


Subtracts Or Adds To Our Profitability

Another point today was that either what we do subtracts or adds to our life and our profitability.  This may not be earth shattering to most, but it is something I do not think on as much as I should.  I tend to ignore this and let the chips fall where they may, but in all reality, I need to start viewing my daily activities as to what adds or subtracts from my profitability.


Profitability Was More Than Money Exchange

Christie Marie Sheldon also stated that profitability was not just about a money exchange.  There are different ways to exchange energy that gives profitability.  I like that, because to me abundance is more than just getting money.  It is part of it, but not the entire story and I have been adamant on this from day one of my involvement with the Unlimited Abundance program.


Backed Up By Your Own Life

One other main point that really hit home was how I know what I need to say, but I’m not sure how to do it.  I’m not sure how I convince others that I have the experience when I don’t have the individual client experience to back up what it is that I’m trying to do.  In some ways, it could be stated that you have to fake it until you make it.  However, Christie Marie Sheldon raised a good point that you have to clearly define what you are doing and how it will change someone’s life or nothing else matters.  Until you get the cold hard evidence and proof, you often have to rely upon your own life’s stories to back up what you are doing.



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