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Exercise Resistance Bands Move Energy

Exercise Resistance Bands To Move EnergyOne of the most powerful forms of trauma and chronic pain release can be found in something more simple than most would consider. Going through Unified Therapy sessions with Dr. Canali, has been an eye opener when it comes to using these exercise bands in his office. In fact, they have helped me personally so much so, that I actually installed these in my own treatment office tonight.

The thing I love about these exercise resistance bands is that once you’re in that healing space moment where I take my clients, the bands can help move stuck energy and gunk of life out of the body. When we go through trauma or stress, we store up so much stuff in our cells and tissues. The best way to clean things out is by going into them in a healing space and working through them.

Another thing I love about these resistance bands is that once you’re in that healing space, you’re free to play with these in the way that brings about some of the most healing responses in the moment. In fact, the more you play with moving these and varying amounts of tension, the more you will feel your internal body senses. As you begin to feel your internal body senses, you will allow so much tension to dissipate.  You can even use sounds together with these and move great amounts of stress, tension, and trauma out of your body.

It isn’t just for trauma release or getting rid of tense muscles. In fact, many chronic pain issues can change within a matter of minutes once you connect internally. It is a process of allowing yourself to go into the moment, but you are in control. You have the power to alter it, increase it or change what you are doing.  Empowerment is one of the strongest reactive agents in healing.

All too often, we don’t go inside and feel. We shut ourselves off to what we feel and this is when tension and pain build up into chronic conditions. By feeling, we are able to begin healing ourselves. Feeling is healing. The exercise resistance bands help us feel and when they do, they move the stuck energy out of our lives.

So often when we are in the midst of not feeling our body, our muscles and tissues get frozen in survival mode. When they do, we all know what happens. We get the pains and sore muscles. We get the chronic conditions. We get all types of physical health conditions, illnesses, and disease. By going in and finding movement in those moments, we free up our body. When we free up our body, we then become more conscious of other parts of ourselves that can be used to further us as human beings living in this world.

Tonight when I hooked these bands up and tested things out, it didn’t take long for me to connect and feel stress and tension being released. I could feel the heat rise within me as I went into the places that were uncomfortable. As I did this, my body dropped down into a deep state of relaxation and peace, far from the tension I was feeling. It did not take long for my perspective and my physical body to feel the change. Of course, I’ve been doing this work for some time, but it isn’t as hard to heal as we would like to think it is.

You can go to Amazon and buy the Exercise bands like I purchased. The one by Bodylastics is what I bought, although the link to this particular item, Bodylastics Strong Man Resistance Bands, is a little different. I believe it is the same equipment, but just not the quantity.  The exact one I purchased is no longer available.  It had two of everything starting with three pound resistance and going to thirty pound resistance.




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