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Feeling Alive Or Numb

Feeling Alive Or NumbWe all do it. We all know about it. Unfortunately we all live in a world where we don’t always connect to what’s happening around us. Numbing is our “go to” device in life when things get tough. However, if we continue to numb, it will play havoc with our mind, body, and emotions.


“When human beings are exposed to difficult experiences, in order to avoid the pain, we go numb to block the pain. Little do we realize, we are blocking the joy and deep inner workings of our body,” says Dr. Paul Canali, founder of Unified Therapy™ and Miami’s Evolutionary Healing Institute. “When we stop numbing, we can stop illness and disease. The more we numb, the less human we become to one another in this world.”


While numbing can be a detriment to our lives, it can also be helpful.



Example 1

Take, for example, a person who has had an accident and cut themselves so badly that if they don’t get help quickly, they will not make it. If the individual feels everything that they are experiencing, the pain would overwhelm the mind. There would be a good chance the person would not be able to deal with the situation, and would pass out from the pain. By numbing, the individual would be able to do what they needed to seek help. In this case, numbing is key for the person to stay alive.


Example 2

Another example would be where the person has been through tremendous trauma in their life, such as child sexual abuse. In order to cope with being raped and molested, the child could not feel everything that was going on while it was happening. Unfortunately, without proper resolution of what transpired, the child grows up into an adult holding all that in and numbing themselves to the full essence of life. They may appear happy and positive to their friends and the world, but deep down inside they are so numb that the torment they live with is the only feeling they know. In this case, numbing is what is keeping them in the experience.


What Causes Us To Numb?

There are many times we find ourselves in situations and moments that are more than the mind can comprehend. There are moments that are just too great for us to begin to make sense out of and piece together. There are times that horrible things have happened to those around us or in our world that are so great that the only thing we know to do is to numb our mind, our body, and our lives.

When we experience these moments, the brain fires rapidly with hormones and substances that assist our bodies to deal with the threat, sadness, or grief. It pushes us into strength beyond the moment so that we can find some sense of normalcy or balance in our day. It is our survival in that moment. It is meant to help protect us and deal with that experience.
Unfortunately, if we continue to numb and stay in this experience, it will eat at us from the inside out. It will rob our minds of the capacity to see life in a way that is full of joy and love and fulfillment. It will keep us locked in the moment that has passed, just as if we are still living it in this current moment.


Feeling The Numbing

While thinking positive thoughts and looking for the good in all things around us can be helpful most days, if we do this at the expense of feeling the numbness, we are only hurting ourselves. What happens in the body is in the body, not just the mind. If we only focus on healing the mind or making the mind think that everything is okay, we negate the cellular memories stored in the body. To heal these things, we must connect the mind and body together or we are only working with half of the equation.

The more we numb, the more we are still living in the past with “no get out of jail free” card. We have sentenced ourselves to a life of imprisonment, all the time hoping that our days get better.


To Come Out Of Numbing

To come out of numbing is more than attempting to stay present in the body. It is more than a meme or affirmation. It is more than becoming an actor in life, where we portray to the world that we have everything together.

Fear often keeps us in numbing and fuels the horror we face. Fear is a strong force, and if we don’t stand up to it, it will take us down. Fear keeps the blinders on so that we don’t easily see just how much we are numbing.

The ticket out of the torment is to become one with our mind and body. It is the moment where we feel everything, including the pain of life, so that we can take back our power. It is the moment where we go inside and we truly feel all those parts of our closets that we seldom ever look at.

It takes courage to walk through the fire to free yourself from the numbing in life you experience. It often takes someone holding your hand as you walk down that path and shining a light ahead so you can find your footing. It takes going into the body, past all the blocks we have built up, and allowing ourselves to truly connect with all that resides in us physically.

When we connect physically with these moments that have pushed us into numbing, it is then that we have the opportunity to heal our lives in ways we may not even imagine. It is that connection we make with the mind to what we feel that allows us our ticket out of the horror and into a world with peace, joy and deep love for all mankind. It is the moment when we go into these places, that allows us to see our life in a much higher viewpoint.


My Own Life Experiences

I have suffered through a Conversion Disorder as a result of my own life’s experiences. Because of the terror and fear I went through, I had to numb to survive. It almost cost me my life, and took me many years to start learning how to turn my life back on, not numb from it. No one needs to tell me just how horrible numbing can be, because I lived it.

As a result, I’ve gone in and healed some of those dark places of my life, and I continue the healing each and every day. It has given me a true purpose and calling. It has helped me find a level of joy and peace and comfort through moments that exist today in our world. It has helped me discover that I have much more possibility in my life to heal, not just suffer silently in pain.


There Is A Way Out

Numbing is our go to device, but if we stay in numbing, we are sentencing our lives to a continuation of the torment we so badly want to escape. There is a way out, but we must be willing to take that step of courage through our fears to reclaim that which is rightfully ours.


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