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Somatosync » Feeling Alive Or Numb Seminar – January 30, 2016

Feeling Alive Or Numb Seminar – January 30, 2016

Seminar: Feeling Alive Or Numb

  • DATE:  January 30, 2016

  • TIME:  1:30 pm to 3:30 pm (Please arrive at least 15 min early)

  • CHECK-IN:  Starts at 1:00 pm

  • PLACE: Orlando Hilton – Altamonte Springs, FL.

  • COST:  $15

  • CONTACT: or 407-741-3196




About The Seminar

One of the subjects we rarely ever talk or hear about is numbing.  We all do it.  We all know about it, but we often fail to understand just how numbing impacts our life.  Often when we face difficult experiences in our lives or overwhelming daily stress, we numb to survive and make it through the moments of our days.  Numbing is sometimes what gets us through life in that moment.  If we fail to go in and connect with what has happened, we will become imprisoned by numbing our bodies.

This seminar focuses on how prevalent numbing is and how much we all do it.  It takes into account cutting edge information as to how we can recognize it and the many benefits we will experience when we stop numbing in our body.  It is not just thinking happy thoughts or living a life of affirmations.  It involves going deep into the body and connecting with that which we have shut off in our life.

As Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing Institute states, “When human beings are exposed to difficult experiences, in order to avoid the pain, we go numb to block the pain.  Little do we realize, we are blocking the joy and deep inner working of our body.  When we stop numbing, we can stop illness and disease.  The more we numb, the less human we become to one another in this world”.

This seminar is presented by Don Shetterly of Somatosync.

A drawing will be held for a free chair massage for anyone attending the seminar.

Don Shetterly is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Somatosync which is syncing the mind-body up with awareness.  He has studied many different modalities and was trained in areas such as Touchabilities, Trager, Unified Therapy and also healed himself from paralysis resulting from a Conversion Disorder. Don Shetterly is an author and musician who has appeared on Dr. Drew and Oprah, and writes for various blogs and websites.  MA39456 / MM32856


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