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Somatosync » Finger Pulse Oximeter OctiveTech 300PRO

Finger Pulse Oximeter OctiveTech 300PRO

Finger Pulse Oximeter OctiveTech 300PRO

My Actual Finger Pulse Meter

Until a few years ago, I did not know what my daily pulse rate was.  In fact, I probably did not care and if someone would have tried to get me to think about it, I would have dismissed it.  That was – until I began to see that my pulse was running at a resting heart rate of 99 beats per minute (bpm).

I did not realize that my pulse rate was 99 until Dr. Canali put this strange looking device on the tip of my finger.  In that moment, I was not even aware of what my pulse rate was.  Sometimes we learn about pulse rate in our years of education but until it becomes real to our life, it just doesn’t seem to connect.  When we discovered that my pulse rate after a great deal of deep relaxation work was running at 99, it was a major wake up moment to me.

It did not take me long through some online Google searches to start seeing that if my pulse rate continued to run at 99 bpm, I could be in for some serious health problems.  No one likes to mess around with their heart and take chances.  To me, this was a wake up call that if it went unheeded, could mean a serious situation was ahead.

I purchased the Finger Pulse Oximeter OctiveTech 300Pro, which was just like the one that Dr. Canali used in his office.  At the time, I paid much more than they sell for now.  From that point forward, I started to take my pulse on a daily basis.  I would take it when I thought it was most likely racing or when I was having nightmares and other situations in my life.  The more I began to take my pulse and watch the wave form, the more I began to understand what was going on inside of me.

Today, my pulse rate is no longer at 99 bpm.  Yes, sometimes it does get that high, but I’ve learned many techniques to help reduce and lower it.  These techniques are what I am trying to share through Somatosync.  My pulse is still not as low as I would love to see it and I’m working on this.  However, at least I am not in the danger zone anymore.

I do realize that blood pressure is also another measurement that helps to show the health of our cardiovascular system and I’m working to find a way to measure that on a consistent basis.  Until you measure what is going on inside of your body, you really have no way to know what is taking place.  You can guess all day long, but that’s about as effective as buying a lottery ticket!

The reason I love this pulse meter is that it is durable, easy to use and easy to read.  It shows you not only your pulse, but the oxygenation of your blood and the wave form of your pulse.  It is non-intrusive and so simple to read, that all it requires is you slip it on your finger and turn it on.  Within minutes or seconds, you have your reading.  Remember that your pulse rate will vary throughout the day, so just taking it one time here and there may not show you very much.  I try to take my pulse rate in the morning, afternoon and evening.

If you aren’t checking your pulse rate on a daily basis, I urge you to begin doing this.  It will give you some very good information about what is going on within your body and your nervous system.  Once you have that information, it will help you search for ways to bring about changes to your life that are effective.  Don’t wait until you visit a doctor to get a reading that may or may not accurately reflect what is going on inside your body.  One moment in time for a reading, is not a reliable indicator for what is going on in your body.

Finger Pulse Oximeter OctiveTech 300PRO


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