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Harmless Traumatization

Harmless Traumatization SeahorseThe other day we hung up this decorative image of a seahorse on the wall.  As our cats began walking down the stairs, they saw it and immediately froze.  For the next few days, it was all we could do to get them to come downstairs.  They were extremely scared of it, as if it was something real and waiting to attack them.  No matter what we did, they just would not go near this thing.

It seemed quite harmless to us, but in many ways to the cats, it was traumatizing. You could not convince them that it was harmless, as the fear in them took over.  Fortunately, they are now getting used to it and generally acting as if it is not there.  Maybe they finally realized that it was not going to attack them.  I have no idea what was running through their minds but traumatization was very real.

What seems simple to us and hardly significant in our life, may be more traumatizing than we realize.  Of course, if we stay unconscious and numb to life, we may never fully realize the impact of moments in our day.  Just like our cats, something as simple as an image, object, sight or sound can be a connecting trigger to things in our past.  If you add strong emotion with at that moment trauma, it can have much greater impact.

All too often, we go through our days as if stress and these little moments have very little impact upon our body and our mind.  We think that if we go out on a weekend and have a few beers, that we unwind and life is great.  Some of us may get occasional bodywork or massage and think we’ve taken care of everything in our life.  However, we usually forget about the deeply embedded part of these experiences in our mind and our body.

Our body remembers much more than we realize.  It not only remembers the story and emotions, but it stores the muscle contractions which took place at that point in time.  Our mind and body hold the stored up energy that was not allowed to dissipate.  When you start combining these various elements into one mixture, all types of health conditions can result.  It is not until we allow ourselves to go into these moments and free the stored energy of the trauma in our body, that we will begin to be free of these experiences.

It is true, that you may go for many years and have no recollection of the events that have caused traumatic moments.  At some point though, the collection and addition of further experiences will catch up with you.  It may be through a stiff neck, painful back, tight shoulder or some other more serious health condition.  At some point, it will knock hard on the door of your life to get your attention.

Relaxation, bodywork, massage and physical activity is all good for the mind and body.  However, if you add the deep release of these experiences, then you will have given yourself so much more freedom and peace.  Even though it feels like harmless traumatization, it may very likely be another aspect that holds us back in our life.  The more we hold within our body, the more we restrict the essence of our life.

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