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Healing By Observing Our Body

Healing By Observing Our BodyWe often think that healing is much more difficult then it is.  Many times we don’t even think it is possible.  Of course, we spend billions in our world on healthcare.  An argument can be made that were not necessarily any more healthy than we were years ago for the billions we spend on healthcare.

Healing can be as simple as observing our body.  It can be the point which we notice a pain and instead of cringing within, we take a moment to notice and connect to it without judgment, fear, or what we have been taught to believe.  It is a moment where we stop being unconscious and we connect to all that is going on in our body at that given point in time.

Observing those places in our body that may be painful, tight, tense or causing a physical reaction to show up is the point at which we begin to control our own destiny.  It is the moment when we take in the information and see how it connects between our brain and our body.  It is the light kicking on and the ah ha moment.

So often we are just too busy in our lives or disconnected from all that there is.  We live in an unconscious state.  Sure, I understand that in a busy day where you have so much to accomplish, one cannot spend every minute feeling and sensing their body.  However, we as humans in this world spend far too little time focusing and connecting with our body.

Try this exercise and see if it helps you connect with what I’m saying more.  Spend a minute (or even 30 seconds) connecting with your breath and just feeling your breath.  Feel the rise and fall of your breath.  Feel the shortness or length of duration.  Place your hands on your chest or abdomen and feel the breath coming in and going out.

Now, scan your body.  What do you notice?  What do you sense?  Are there places you are becoming aware of that don’t feel as good as others.

This may take some practice to feel things, especially if you’re not in the habit of feeling them each day.  As you begin to focus, you will begin to feel and the more you feel, the more opportunity you have to change what is going on in your body.

If you come up on a sore or tense muscle or pains that you can feel, try focusing your attention on that area for a few moments.  You can use your breath to zero in on it and picture in your mind that you are breathing right into that area.  See how long you can stay with it and then move your attention to some sound in the room, or some music playing.  Now, continue to scan your body and see if you can still sense what it is that you originally felt in there.

As you focus in on the area, see if there is a way that you can introduce movement into that moment.  Could you move your body in a different way, or maybe an arm?  Whatever movement you can find that works, continue to play with it.  Do the movement in a slow way as if you are trying to focus on each cell in that region.  You want to play and feel with every part of what it is you notice.

You might notice a reduction in the physical manifestation or a heightened sense of it.  You might notice that the physical manifestation switched to another part of the body.  You may now be seeing other places in your body that are showing up which you did not notice at first.  See if you can just hold your attention on what is going on and without fear or judgment or old tapes playing.  See if you can be with it just as it is in this moment.

More than likely if you keep playing with this concept you will heal by observing your body.  We connect with great power within us when we can go in and observe our body.  Even a moments awareness and notice of our body can shift things in ways that take us out of pain and into what the body is telling us.

Healing by observing your body is just one naturally built in healing mechanism we have in the body.  Of course, if you’re overwhelmed and buried by a life of trauma and the daily buildup of stress, this may be an exercise that will not be as easy as it is for some.  You may need the help of a trained therapist that can help you go in and observe your body.

The more you can begin observing your body, the more you can feel.  The more you feel, the more you can heal your body in ways that you many never have realized.

There is more to healing than just taking a pill or following an unconscious built in routine that we are taught from birth.  If we truly want to connect our mind and body together, it should be part of our daily activity, not just when the pain gets so great that it gets our attention.

The more we can interact with our body, the better we will be at changing and shifting it.  It isn’t about woo woo or new age practices.  It is simply about connecting our mind and body together.  In that moment, we begin to allow ourselves the greatest opportunity to heal our body.  By the way, we all can do this.  We all have the power and natural ability within if we allow ourselves to go there.



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