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Healing Conversion Disorder Interview

Recently, I sat down with Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing Institute for a ground breaking interview on healing Conversion Disorder. When we interact with the mind body interface, we can change our biology as well as our pain and suffering.  While sometimes it seems that we are in a hopeless situation when facing a Conversion Disorder, there is hope and possibility.

To listen to the interview, click this link.

It available on Somatosync Radio or through iTunes as a podcast.


Please check out all the other information I have on this site in regards to Conversion Disorder.  This subject is personal for me because I experienced a Conversion Disorder in 1991 where I was completely paralyzed. (more details can be found in my book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma).  Since that time, I have went through a great deal of healing with Dr. Paul Canali using the Unified Therapy system.  At the time I was paralyzed, I was not sure if I would ever walk again or functionally normally.  However, unless you know that I have been through this, you would not be able to tell today, that I went through Conversion Disorder.

In February 2012, I was a guest on the Dr. Drew show when he was talking about the Leroy, NY medical mystery.  As a survivor of Conversion Disorder, I was brought on to help show that healing is possible.  If you are going through right now, there is hope and there is healing.  You do not have to live with this condition.

Join Dr. Canali and myself as we discuss this topic because he has a great deal of information to share that is life changing.

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