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Somatosync » Healing Conversion Disorder With Dr Paul Canali

Healing Conversion Disorder With Dr Paul Canali

healing conversion disorder with Dr Paul CanaliIn order to heal Conversion Disorder, we must address the mind body interface.  In this groundbreaking interview, we explore what is behind a conversion disorder and somatization, with Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing Institute.  Using the principles of Unified Therapy, we are able to interact with the mind body interface, finding hope and possibility through conversion disorder.

Over the past 20 plus years, Dr. Canali has been working with the body and applying the latest neuroscience research to unlock the connection between the brain and the body.  Recognizing the body has an innate healing system within the brain and the cells of the body, he is successful in helping people move past pain and suffering.  His work is not just about relieving pain and suffering, but helping each person unlock their potential of compassion and understanding to help heal and evolve the world.


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Contact Information

Dr. Paul Canali

Evolutionary Healing Institute
7800 Red Road, Suite 325
South Miami, FL. 33143

Don Shetterly

Contact Don Shetterly
Mind Body Thoughts Blog
Don Shetterly’s Official Website


Interview Questions, Outline, and Notes

Below are some of the questions that were asked in the interview.  In addition, I have recorded some of the notes and thoughts from the interview, so anyone can follow along with the interview.  There are links and references throughout the notes that come directly from the interview with Dr. Paul Canali.  My hope is to have a complete transcript of this interview, but it is not available at this time.


Can you tell me a little about the work you do with Unified Therapy?

Create an interdisciplinary approach in all of health care.
Create new approaches in the treatment of disease and human suffering.
Understand the human brain and consciousness.
On cutting edge to release stressors accumulated over the lifetime of an individual.
Unified Therapy is the form of treatment that Dr. Canali has developed and uses.


What Is Conversion Disorder?

Different definitions and treatment if you search online.
Described as a neurological condition.
Where the person has some previous form of traumatic exposure.
Under some minor or major stressful event, symptoms occur.
Legs may shut down, paralyzed, loss of bladder control, blindness, etc.
May also show up in digestive disorders and skin conditions.
Usually many emergency visits without anyone really understanding what is happening.
All human beings have this ability to convert stressors into real time physical symptoms.
In a short period of time symptoms go away only to resurface in that form or another.
Depression and anxiety are common.
Key is to dissipate and release the trauma that resides in the body.
Unified Therapy helps release how trauma is stored in the body.
Unified Therapy gives us tools and helps us understand the mind body interface.


Is Conversion Disorder all in your head or are people faking the symptoms?

Some people, it is much more obvious to see.
Does not seem to be an organic cause and short period of time, regain normality.
It happens again and again
There is something really physically going on.  It is not in the head.
Every human being can do this but in Conversion Disorder patients, it is so obvious.
You can’t fake a full on seizure.
Research Work done on pseudo or psychogenic seizures. (more info, click here).
Not consciously doing a seizure as the pathways in the brain are triggered.
Unified Therapy is able to understand this because of neuroscience research.


What are some examples of Conversion Disorder in the world?

Leroy, NY high school with seizure like jerking movements and tourettes
– Also in 12 other girls and that is called hysteria or hysterical (where it is mimicked).
– Hysterical conversion by Freud – physical conditions buried deep in the subconscious.
– Everyone was looking at toxicology, poisons but people knew it was Conversion Disorder.
– Tell someone they are unconsciously converting trauma or stressors into physical condition
– Not met with much warmth.
– Some kind of stressor they were exposed to but shouldn’t speculate what that is.
Middle Ages – hysteria believed to be caused by tarantula spider
– Many people gathered from town to town in jerky sporadic movements.
– Tarantella ballroom dance came out of that as people learned to mimic it.
2008 in California with Diane Feinstein and the CDC
– Strange lesions on the skin of people.
– Had multicolored hair which was found to be man made fibers
– People were unconsciously scratching at night, fibers got into the wound and healed over.
– Powerful mind body interface.
We believe at Evolutionary Healing Institute
– There is enough documented information to change.
– Our current concept of human disease and suffering.
– What it means to be human is in serious jeopardy.
– We are a nation of illness.
– Last year, 210 million opiate prescriptions (or pain like medication) were given.
Why are we in so much pain?
– Why are we suffering?
– At Evolutionary Healing Institute, we believe the evolutionary process is not done with us.
– We are a work in progress to grow and evolve and become much more conscious.
– Understand how our brain works to push the process.
– So that we do not have to be subjected to the same disease we have seen in our families.
– Often disguised as genetics.
– Things between family members that continue the cycle of abuse early on.
– Work of Dr. Allan Schore.
– Early exposure to abuse alters our brain functions.
– More susceptible to psychological, emotional, physical illness that can express itself later on.
Right Brain beings to shut down
– Right brain is the feeling brain, sensing brain – ticket out of suffering.
– Limbic brain is the emotional brain and it becomes overcharged.
– When you’re in the 20/30’s, the prefrontal cortex develops and it can get you out of it
– Need a trained therapist that understands trauma and how to activate prefrontal cortex.
– Dampen affects of amygdala, support hippocampus development.
– Changes the Autonomic Nervous system
– Something you can interact and learn to control.
– So you are not overwhelmed by your fears and your symptoms.


Does there have to be major trauma for conversion disorder to appear?

Current belief is yes.
Lesser forms of it is somatoform or mind body / brain body.
Somaticize or convert stress into physical disease.
Dr. Robert Sapolsky says majority of physician visits are stress related.
Genetics and behavior matters, but accumulated stress matters way more.
Allostatic load is the load of stressors over time.
Good news is we can evolve ourselves.
We can develop new tools to become more efficient at relieving stressors and trauma.
In the news, Whitney Houston downward spiral did not happen overnight.
She had no ability to handle what was coming up.


How important is it for someone to connect what is going on in their body with their mind or some other event?

Being able to talk about it or knowledgeable to look for the connection.
Notice what happened right before this
Dr. John Sarno – neck/back pain is a form of somatization.
– Somatization is the ability of the brain to convert emotional and mental stressors
into a physical condition
– Most people can’t handle the emotional/psychological interface.
– Once you begin to understand that there is a process, it begins to change.
– Going to Dr. Sarno’s lecture – listening and understanding, people realize they can change things.
20/20 Video On YouTube
Goal of every human being is to become more conscious
What is creating the suffering and pain?
Once a person becomes more conscious, the world shows itself to us.
Only so much you can do by yourself.
– Requires 1 on 1 with a trained therapist.
– Put attention – not on another pain medication, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant. anti-anxiety
– Put attention on the source – go to the source.
– Don’t just believe me, don’t just take my word for it.
– Many tout their own horn, but see if what they say is backed up by evidence – by science.
Dr David Eddy – where is the evidence in medicine.
– 90% of common medical procedures have no scientific basis.
Dr. Edward L. Ionides – meta-analysis researcher
– Around 95% of biomedical research is wrong or outwardly lies.
We need to begin to look at things differently.
– Look for other evidence to support what your doctor tells you.
– Don’t accept any one person’s belief.
– We only see what we are taught to see.
– Our minds and brains are conditioned and you’ve got to break past that.
It isn’t just about being free from pain, but transformation as a human being.
– Transformed from someone concerned with their own pain and suffering.
– To someone that is compassionate for all life on earth.
– When one reaches that stage, their suffering begins to change dramatically.


What are some of the first steps a person can take if they have been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder or some of these symptoms showing up?

Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge.
– Show with Dr. Drew and Don Shetterly as a Conversion Disorder patient
– Others connect with it and say, could this be me?
– Anyone can call me or you, start communicating with you on your blog.
– Everybody has some aspect of it.
Danger if they get hooked on powerful medications.
– It can further complicate things.
– Early diagnosis helps to resolve it more quickly.
Shame And Guilt.
– Conversion Disorder / Somatization is so prevalent.
– Millions and millions of people experience this.
– Early exposure of experiences in life set us up later for what will happen to us.
Good News
– Neuroscience has helped us develop practical skills and tools to make extraordinary changes.
– Knowledge is power – making people aware of this entire process.
Don’s book
Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly
– There is hope and healing to go beyond the symptoms showing up.
– Opens up a doorway of sensations and feelings to an inner peace that they have not felt before.


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3 Responses to "Healing Conversion Disorder With Dr Paul Canali"

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  2. Shelly Clubine says:

    I am curious if you have ever had a patient, who, after a traumatic injury, suffered conversion disorder with long term memory loss. Last September 14, my daughter, while running XC, fell very hard at the finish line, landing hard on her right hip. It took until December 6th, for a fourth orthopedic to diagnosis the true injury, using the original MRI seen by three different orthopedics. She was in and out of hospitals, told by hospital staff and doctors she was faking her spells, etc. In February we took her to the Mayo in Rochester and she participated in a three week out patient program, in where she was taught various coping skills, etc. We were told it could take 6 months to a year for her long term memory to come back. October 28 will mark one year that she lost it. I cannot find anything documented where this has happened to an individual with long term memory loss. I am curious on your thoughts regarding this. She is 15 and remembers nothing before the fall. Truly very sad and very difficult to comprehend. Thank you.

    1. Admin Don says:

      I’m sorry for taking so long to respond. Please excuse my late reply.

      Unfortunately I know that in Conversion Disorder, too many medical professionals struggle to diagnose it and they often claim a patient is faking the symptoms. When I went through the worst days, I might have been going through the pseudo seizure and by the time I was rushed to the hospital and a doctor saw me, everything had calmed down. So many times I was sent home claiming there was nothing they could do for me because they couldn’t figure out what was going on.

      My memory took some time to come back and to be honest, I still struggle a little with it to this day. If I get stressed, I notice that remembering anything is difficult. It has improved. You may want to contact Dr Canali and speak with him more about this. He may have insight that I don’t have. If you go to his website you can find his office information.

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