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Healing Is Not A Race

Healing Is Not A RaceToo often we think that if we doing our work at lightening speed, it will be better for us.  We think that healing is a matter of getting it over with quickly.  Unfortunately if we do that, we’ll only compound the difficulty that will desire to take us under.  Healing is not a race.  It is a process.

For years, I did the same thing.  I tried to make myself heal quickly.  It wasn’t fun going through what I went through and dealing with it day after day, month after month, year after year, was not what I wanted to do.  I was angry that I had to go through these difficult moments, almost living the experiences over again.  I was tired and exhausted from it.

I wanted nothing to do with experiencing every bit and piece and place of the moments that I had to confront.  I wanted it gone and I wanted it gone now.  I thought you could wave a magic wand and poof, all healing would be done.  Unfortunately I was so mistaken and I see the same mistake made time and time again.

Healing is a process.  Sometimes we need to slow the pace down so our mind and our body can connect with one another.  If we rush through this, we’re really not healing.  We are most likely only putting another band-aid on top of a band-aid.

It has taken us years to build up all the layers and neural pathways that it does, so why on earth would we expect it to take minutes to reverse the entire course of what transpired.  I know and I understand, it is more about the pain of having to peel off the scabs from what we experienced, one at a time.  It is more about having to allow those things to heal, rather than forcing them to heal.

The healing process is more than just forgetting that something happened or being okay with it.  It is more than just saying, “I am past whatever happened to me”.  It is more than thinking that everything is fine and life proceeds without any connection these moments.

Healing is not a race, but one where you learn deep truths that only you will learn as you enter into those moments of surrender and connection.  Healing is not a race, but one where you discover an awareness and side of your life that you never knew was there.  Healing is not a race.

Healing is learning how to fully connect your mind with your body so that you are in control.  It is about learning how to find your courage within as you stand on the strength of your own confidence, conviction, and knowing what truly matters.  Healing is about going into those deep dark spaces of the closets in your life and shining light, so that you know there is more than darkness.

Sometimes we have to slow down.  Sometimes we have to rest.  Yes, it can get tough and yes it is easy to think we have to do it all now.  Unfortunately, we are just fighting against ourselves as if we were trying to swim up a waterfall.  Allow yourself the moment to heal and connect and learn all you can from that place you are in.

Allow yourself to just be okay with this moment because as you learn to conquer this moment, it is then that you will find and gather up the strength to go deeper into healing that you are not aware of at this time.  Be okay with not making healing into a race, but surrendering and allowing it to unfold in the manner and pace that it needs to for your life.

Honor and cherish how far you have come.  Keep note and track of all your successes and watch how the road ahead unfolds before you.


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