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Healing The Mind And Body

Healing The Mind And Body is more than a catch phrase or something that is unconscious.  It is a conscious effort to feel and sense and allow what is going on in the body to guide us into deeper awareness and healing.  By focusing and observing interaction of the mind with what we feel in the body, we will bring our own healing to greater heights and give us possibilities that we never knew existed.


  1. Healing By Observing The Body (12/15/15) – Did you realize just how much potential you have in your body to heal itself?  Did you know that there is a way to naturally go in and by observing what it is that you feel, you can shift and change your body.  It may take some practice, but if you focus and interact with your body, you will find that there is so much potential in what is possible.
  2. Healing Is Not A Race (12/24/15) – While it is difficult to go through those painful moments and experiences from our life, in order to heal we must do that.  Sometimes it requires us to slow down and rest.  Healing is not a race but a process of connecting our mind and body together to give us deeper awareness.
  3. Healing Or Pseudo-Science Cures (1/26/16) – We may want to believe that our product or device or cure is the best healing thing since life was created, but often it is not the case.  This article gives 15 ways to not get taken as you evaluate the healing cures that are being promoted constantly.  It is difficult to know what is truth these days from snake oil salesman, but you owe it to yourself to be part of the good in this world, not just one of the herd.


Therapy Journals

  1. Jeff L Healing Journal With Unified Therapy 5/21/16) – Several journal accounts of Unified Therapy session with Dr. Paul Canali as he went through the process.  With his permission, I am sharing his journal so that you have a better idea of what is possible when healing the mind and body.  Jeff struggled with many things in life, but probably the most difficult at the time was not being able to sleep, headaches and constipation.  He was addicted to sleeping pills and yet, they did very little for him.  In the course of several treatments, Jeff began to see a marked improvement with sleep for the first time in his entire life.



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