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Below, you will find some links to information that I find helpful in the understanding of what Somatosync is all about.  These links are not meant for commercial. purpose, but are places that I find to be very helpful. Please continue to check back as I will add more links in the future.


      1. Unified Therapy – Dr. Paul Canali (Evolutionary Healing Institute)
        Through out this website and my book, you will see many references to Dr. Paul Canali.  He is one of the few people that I know who can truly make a difference in someone’s life through his healing techniques.  He is not only my mentor, but a friend who has helped me to grow in ways I never realized were possible.
      2. Mind Body Thoughts Blog – Don Shetterly
        While this blog is a blog that I write for daily, it is one that I feel is very helpful to people in getting us to think beyond our box about the mind body connection.  I write from my heart and my experiences as I attempt to bring the concepts of the mind body connection alive in a real sense.



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