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Losing Focus In Healing


Losing Focus In HealingI continually read story after story and experience after experience of healing that baffles my mind. In too many situations, focus gets lost in healing. Sure, I know when you’re going through a difficult moment of pain that it is hard to stay focused, but on the other hand, if you become lost in the sea of pain, you’re losing the battle.

Conversion Disorder is one of the areas where I see people so lost in the struggle, that they lose site of the shore. Yes, I know from a first hand experience how difficult Conversion Disorder can be. I know from my own experience of how many medical practitioners out there have very few answers. I know without a doubt how many have no clue how to begin healing the body after Conversion Disorder.

In the same light, I can see just how many patients lose focus and zero in on the never ending symptoms, not understanding what this is or what is going on. I understand completely. When I went through my own experience with Conversion Disorder, there were no answers. There was no internet to connect with anyone else. In fact, I went over 12 years without ever meeting or connecting with someone else that had gone through this.

Connecting with others that are experiencing the same thing as you are going through can be helpful, but it can also hinder you. It can assist in your losing focus. It is great for support, but when it begins to hold you back and you get into the nit picky details of every little nuance that happens in a single moment of your day, I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it not get you very far.

Losing focus in healing is epidemic because we are all blinded by the fear of pain or loss of control or situations that we are facing with no explanation. Losing focus is often because we don’t understand what is happening within our body.

Fear is at the root of medical conditions and pain. The more we allow it to engulf us, the more we lose focus. Yes, I know we’ve not been taught how to do anything but go into the fear of the moment, running to medications and procedures as the way of escape. It isn’t something we really understand for the most part in the world, but fear is alive and well in medical conditions.

It is also important to understand that there is a mind-body connection between what is physically showing up in your body and what is taking place in your life. To discount this is to only be looking at one half of the equation.  All too often we focus on what is showing up, rather than what has led up to this moment.

No, you don’t have to blame your parents or your childhood or any other thing, but you do need to recognize that all of your experiences up to this moment have had an impact upon your physical body and your life. Whether it is the daily build up of stress or the more monumental moments we faced in our early years, these things become stored energy in our body looking for a way to exit.

All too often, too many want to avoid these things because it is easier to numb one’s life than to head into the winds of the storm you are facing. You may wish to do this and you may be doing it now, but I can tell you from experiences of my own life, this will not help you heal your body and your life.

Losing focus in healing is why we are spending enormous amounts of money on health care and getting very little in return. You have to ask yourself if after spending all this money on medications and medical procedures, are you any more healthy? You may have suppressed the symptoms, but you most likely are not any healthier.

We must begin to open our eyes if we want to see clearly into our own health and healing. If we continue down the road we are traveling, we’re going to have a society of medication dependent pain ridden bodies numbed to all that life can be. There is a balance between modern medical practices and that which truly heals which is so far out of balance these days. If we don’t want to lose focus in our own healing, we must once again find that balance.


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