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Mind Body Thoughts

On this page, you will find short summaries and links to many of the blog posts I write on the Mind Body Thoughts blog. While not everything I write on that blog pertains to the subject of this website, there are many things that do. I did not want those topics and posts to get lost in the shuffle of the internet and I feel that they will enhance the information on this site. Of course you are more than welcome to follow along on the Mind Body Thoughts blog because I try to post daily on that site.

This page is set up mainly to help organize topics and posts for that site. You will see categories listed here and a brief explanation of what they mean to me as well as how I tend to write on these subjects. If you click on each category, you will be taken to a page that has individual blog entries listed by title with a brief summary of what you will find there.

I enjoy writing especially when it comes to the topic of our mind, our body and how our thoughts impact our healing. We have so much more potential within us than we realize and if we can truly tap into this ability, we will change our lives forever.

Please keep in mind that as I continue to write on the Mind Body Thoughts Blog, this page will update and change.

Topics Listed:

  1. Awareness – Understanding, knowing, discovering and evolving our life is all part of awareness. It is a point where the light bulb clicks on in our mind or we have the ‘ah ha’ moment as Oprah would call it. Consider those moments where events or thoughts come together in our life and we see things in a different way or more clearly than we have ever seen them before. This is what awareness is about in my mind at least in a simplistic view.
  2. Consciousness – Learning to see ourselves through our higher mind, with openness to all the possibilities and potential that exists in our life is consciousness.  It is about evolving our self to a greater goal, rather than being focused on the fragility of our self imposed human existence.  Consciousness is about traveling deep within your mind and your body (not just one or the other), and growing through all that you see, sense and feel.
  3. Difficulties In Life – We can all use a helping heart as we travel our journey of life.  Sometimes difficulties in life can get very hard to walk through, but with a helping hand of support and the hope of possibilities ahead, we can make it through these times.  This page is about inspiration, hope, and lending an ear to any of us that finds our self in the midst of difficult moments.  It is about our path forward, evolving in consciousness and awareness with our mind and our body.


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