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My A-Ha Moment On Unlimited Abundance

A funny thing happened from the webinar that just ended. Christy was talking about taking massive action and a wasp landed on the hammock where I was laying. Talk about massive action!  It is kind of like, get up and move quickly!

But as I thought through this, what impacted me is that I had let someone beg on my soft side and got me to give a lot for very little. Sure, I was making progress but then I started to see how I was being used as a crutch. It ended up making me sick physically and I just lost all will power to continue. I’ve hidden in my little cave for the last two weeks avoiding everyone.

I don’t want healing to be about money.  The energy that I saw recent is what I saw in my family.  My family is always needy, wanting, begging, etc and this individual was doing the same thing. It would be nice to be there for those that maybe don’t have money, but if they just take while giving nothing in return, that is not a good therapeutic relationship and very draining on me.

I’m a massage therapist so I’m “SUPPOSED” to work on others. However, I don’t find one-on-one individual sessions of bodywork that fulfilling. I would rather be teaching. Now, I could use the sessions to help me learn more with real life examples so that I can be more effective in teaching what it is that I want to do. I’m out on a limb and don’t know of anyone else out there doing what I’m doing specifically. I’ve been shown truths that I wish the whole world understood. That’s my goal with training.

But my ah ha moment came out of the webinar where I don’t have to do things a certain way because everyone thinks that is the way they are doing. I think I’m dropping that BS and going back to what fills me with desire and energy – and that’s teaching through seminars and webinars.

I will still do some sessions, but hopefully with clients that aren’t being leeches and are paying. I believe I saw clearly why I need to charge for my services and not just give them away free.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Wow. I stumbled upon your website. I am a Rolfer that doesn’t like being touched. A few years into my practice (now in my 15th year) I realized when I am touching someone they’re touching me back! Ack!! A few years later into my practice I started developing strange patterns of inflammation, first as hives, then what looked like rheumatoid arthritis. I contacted a medical intuitive and she helped me understand the nature of my issues was deeper than physiological. I found a therapist who is also a somatic experiencing practitioner and five years later I’m getting clearer and clearer on defining my boundaries, using my nervous system to tell me when I am in danger, when I’m safe and saying No. I happen to also be a somatic movement instructor and ‘junkie’. Instead of viewing that as a strangeness I’m now able to see it as a special skill. Like a super power.

    I guess I’m being long winded because I feel like I’ve been sending out a sonar to find others like me. And then I found this. Thank you for writing, sharing and making this vital human piece of information available. Journey well.

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