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My Abundance Journey

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My Abundance Journey  is my process through the Christie Marie Sheldon program with Unlimited Abundance.  I’ll share my reflections, blog posts, videos and questions as I continue

through this year long process.  Stay tuned and check back frequently.  Hopefully through my life, others will learn along with me.

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There is a free webinar on Feb 23, 2016 at 6 pm PST.



Kickoff (9/11/15)

  • My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Kickoff  (9/11/15) – Before the program actually starts on 9/12/15, I have shared some of my thoughts leading up to this point along with a video and the original blog post that started this whole process.
  • Beginning My Unlimited Abundance Journey (YouTube Video) (9/10/15) – YouTube video I created to show where I am at currently and what I hope to get from the Unlimited Abundance program with Christie Marie Sheldon.  Hopefully in a year when I look back at the progress, I will see a much different person.


Month 1 (9/12/15)  – Mom, Dad, and Soul Energy

  • My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Month 1 (9/12/15) – Thoughts, observations, aha moments and clearing statements from the Month1 on program.  For this month’s Unlimited Abundance Live call was about Mom, Dad, and Soul Energy.  A very important topic that I found out and I never realized just how big a role it plays in our lives.
  • Observing Mom And Dad Spend Money (9/18/15) – Blog post about observing Mom And Dad spending money and saving money.   We unconsciously learn so much from our caregivers and in my case, I watched my Dad spend money while my mom tried to not spend money.   It was a constant battle.  I have see the same in my own life.


Month 2 (10/03/15)  – Permission Granted

  • My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Month 2 (10/03/15) – A much lighter conference call for me, but never-the-less just as important.  It was a fun call, but came at a time where I had endured many challenges.  I’ll never forget the “bonfire” exercise in this month’s conference call on Permission Granted, “Abundance Genie” activated.
  • Mind Body Thoughts Blog – Opposing Abundance Activities (11/15/15) – Sometimes we sabotage our self without knowing it. I am discovering just how I do this in trying to attract abundance into my life.  If I don’t unearth the activities that I do which oppose abundance, how will I attract more into my life that I desire.  How can I expect unlimited abundance when I do actions that oppose that which I seek?


Month 3 (11/28/15)  – I Boldly Claim To

  • Becoming My Unlimited Abundant Self (11/28/15) – This call seems to resonate more with me today.  It has been several weeks since the last one and I could feel many things accumulating.  Becoming my unlimited abundant self is the beginning where I boldly claim to discover that true and authentic self in me.  The one I hide from.  The one I block.  Today I boldly claim to uncover more of my unlimited abundant self.


Month 4 (12/19/15)  – Winner, Winner, Winner

  • I Hit A Major Block  (12/19/15) –  I kind of fell down on this program this month and I don’t know what really happened.  Maybe it was because I  hit a block and thought I didn’t deserve what I was getting.  Maybe it was that I got so busy with what was coming my way that I just didn’t have the time to keep up.  Maybe it was the fact that it was the holidays and normally, the family issues just drain me.  Whatever it was, I missed the call and will need to listen to the replay.  I giggle at the thought of the topic and how I missed being on this call.
  • Recorded Three WWIT statements (1/5/16) – I’m trying to get back on track.  My body got sick and took me down, so maybe it is time for me to get going again and get focused.  I recorded three What Would It Take Statements on my phone so I can listen to them repeatedly.  It is time to turbocharge this and destroy those doubts.  The next webinar is happening in a few days, so I need to listen to this one before that takes place.
  • Now I See (1/6/16) – So, I wondered why I missed the call and it took me so long to listen to the recording.  Today I listened to the recording and it was perfect timing.  So much of it felt like it was specifically recorded for me.  Even listening to the recording, I kept saying things in my mind and lo and behold, Christie Marie Sheldon would say almost the same words in the next statement.  I didn’t realize just how much I had blocked myself on these things.  I’m not even sure where to begin writing and sharing this because there is just so much.  Just trust me on this one!


Month 5 (1/9/16)  – I Swear I Am Going To

  • An A-ha Moment  (01/09/16) –  This is an a-ha moment, but it is one of those questions that I’m trying to answer in my life.  It isn’t easy to figure this out because I’m walking a path that isn’t created.  I’m doing something that no one else is doing as far as I know.  As a result, it feels like I’m out on a limb.  Just because others say I am supposed to do a particular thing, it does not mean that I am.  I now see more clearly just how much I was being taken advantage of and all that drained me into physical illness.  The webinar call today helped me see where I had lost track.
  • It’s Been A Rough Ride (02/05/16) – As much as had been going good seems to be almost in complete reversal.  So many things have unfolded and they seem like they completely reversed.  I’ve lost a lot.  Many things have disappeared or went into hiding.  At this moment, I’m scratching my head and trying to find my center once again.  Either I’m missing what is before my eyes or everything that is dropping away from me is the clearing going on and making way for all that is coming my way.  I would not be honest if I said, all of this had not shaken me and driven me into my cave.  At the moment, I’m working on finding my way out and reclaiming what is rightfully mine.  I’m going to show the world that I am strong enough not to be taken down by setbacks.  I’m sharing this to show that even with progress, sometimes things can take you on a wild ride.  I look forward to the call tomorrow and I know that sometimes, these calls really push the shit to the surface!
  • I’m Committed (02/06/16) – I’m committed to being on this call today no matter if I don’t really feel like it.  I have tried to write this about 5 times and it keeps disappearing as if to say “delete”.


Month 6 (2/6/16)  – Your Profitable Life

  • I Needed This Call  (2/06/16) –  This call was one that I was actively engaged in and not falling asleep.  I was attentive the entire way through it and it actually went very quickly compared to the last couple of calls.  I made a tremendous amount of notes and there were many a-ha moments.  The timing on this call could not have been any more perfect either, but those details are personal and so I will not share them in this space.
  • Perfect Timing (02/06/16) – I had become ready to give up and just as Christie Marie Sheldon says, “when you’re ready to give up, that’s when you’ve found the issue you need to focus on”.
  • Do My Activities Make Me Profit (2/06/16) – I had to sit down and write some of what came out of this session for me today.  There were many parts of it that spoke to me today and so I am trying to share some of it in hopes that it will help inspire others on their own path to Unlimited Abundance.



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