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My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Kickoff


Starting My Unlimited Abundance JourneyIf you have followed me on the Mind Body Thoughts blog for the past few years, you would see so much that I posted about unlimited abundance in my life.  It has been a journey to this point and I am about ready to embark upon another leg of this journey.  In August, Mind Valley Academy hosted a free webinar with Christie Marie Sheldon on Unlimited Abundance.  I signed up for the 12 month live program as a result.

These pages and those that have not been written at this moment will detail my journey through this from my fears and insecurities and issues, to my aha moments and what I learned.  I’ll share videos and insights that I write.  I’ll share various things that help me through this time and hopefully at the end of the 12 month program with Christie Marie Sheldon, life will look different than it does today.

Please continue to check back for future updates over the next year as I will keep adding to these pages with my reflections, videos, blog posts and questions I have in my mind.


Beginning / Pre-Kickoff

  • Of all the abundance/wealth things I’ve tried, this is the first that has helped me learn and let go. The home study course for Unlimited Abundance helped me greatly even after I was extremely skeptical and voiced that concern to the internet world. I’m so looking forward to this 12 month program, because at the end of the month, I will have quit my full time job to embark on a world I can’t quite fully comprehend – just following my heart and my intuition. This program is coming at a perfect time because the fears are trying to raise their ugly heads to scare the daylights out of me. I look forward to the next 12 months, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the collective group of like-minded individuals. May we all rise into a world and life we cannot yet fully comprehend. (8/22/15)
  • Today is the day I have quit my job. Over a month ago, I wrestled hard with this decision, but I knew that the job was taking my soul and my body was physically exhausted from the stress and 15 hour days I had to work for it. I tried every avenue I could think of to change things, but in the end it became evident that I had to let go of the job in order to find my life once again.  I’m not fully sure what will happen. I have some vision of what lies ahead, but this course came through at the right moment. I’ve stepped out and taken a big leap of faith into the unknown and hopefully now, I can pull things together to truly focus on how I make a difference in this world. The fears are there. I’m trying to release them and keep things in perspective. I’m trying to learn from them. Using the clearing statements and the WWIT (What Would It Take…), I’m embarking on a world into possibility. Today starts that moment for me. I’m excited and looking forward to what I create (even with the fears nipping at my heels).  (8/25/15)
  • Okay, something is in the air?  I just logged on to a music sales account I have and this past month, I made more than I normally do in a month and in fact, it was more than all of 2014 combined. In all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve not seen happen what just took place. I’m loving it… After just quitting my job, its like a little “big love note” from the Universe telling me once again, it will all work out and maybe helping me focus in a direction I had kind of given up on.  (9/1/15)




 Beginning My Unlimited Abundance Jouney YouTube video


Blog Posts – Mind Body Thoughts

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  • Can you ask for too much too quickly in the WWIT statements which would end up diluting your focus?  (8/25/15)





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