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My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Month 1


My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Month 1The first session of this 12 month program (Month 1) has started.  I will share my observations and aha moments and other things that I learn along the way.  The call for this month was on Mom, Dad & Soul energy as it relates to money through income, spending, debt and all other realities that we faced.  I look forward to practicing the home exercises we were given and to begin seeing how the process unfolds for me.  I’m eager and excited to let it happen!  I’m so happy to be a part of this group and for all the love and support I see flowing through everyone.

Please continue to check back for future updates over the next month (and year) as I will keep adding to these pages with my reflections, videos, blog posts and questions I have in my mind.


Mom, Dad And Soul Energy

  • It was a great session.  I was nervous about what to expect, but I could feel a lot going on and loved it immensely.  I have needed to do this for some time, but was so afraid of spending the money and it took me some time before I could find a way to buy it.  In the end, I am glad I am participating in this group.  There is so much love and support, that it is hard to comprehend.. (9/12/15)
  • My observation directly after Session 1 ended  For me, I really felt heavy through it and I’m not sure I can say there was an aha moment, but one that I could feel it weighing me down. It did help when Christie would urge us to bring in more light, but I guess just recognizing that there is heavy energy with that, is where I’m at for this moment. It isn’t news to me, but I’ll work with the clearing statements and love the idea of using reminders on my phone.. (9/12/15)

  • I have just created 3 WWIT statements and have added them to my reminders on my phone. I have them set to pop up at different times and will begin working with this exercise. No time to waste. I am eager to begin this process. (9/1/15)
    • What Would It Take to make this the most profitable choice I make.  I clear and transmute this across all time, space, dimensions and reality.
    • What Would It Take to let go of the heaviness I feel from my parents money energy.  I clear and transmute it across all time, dimensions, space and reality.
    • What Would It Take to have more money coming in then I left in the job, so that I would not need to worry about income and bills.  I clear and transmute this across all time, space, dimensions, and reality.
  • Wow, that was a rough night. Felt good when I went to bed, but then my neck started hurting and it picked up like a snowball rolling down a mountain along with a headache and all. I think something is coming up as a result of yesterday’s session. I’m fine with that and will work through it, clearing what is showing up. It was interesting though that in the middle of the night when the pain got so intense, some info popped into my mind I had been wanting. I got up and wrote it down. A different dynamic in life. Will keep doing clearing today for sure. Maybe I’m seeing a connection to neck pain that I tend to get and the topic discussed yesterday. Hmmm… Staying open to understanding. (9/13/15)  (see blog post Abundance And Clearing Mom Energy)
  • I’m seeing a “shift” beginning in a couple of areas. I’ve been thinking about how I get clients and it seems like the “ideas” are coming together and feel like “divine inspiration” basically. The other area is how I view our finances since I just quit my job. At least as a couple, we are talking about it and were on the same wave length. I’m not stressing about it as much and able to stay more focused on the big picture, not just worry about how things will work. That is a major shift for me.(9/16/15)
  • The one thing I’m noticing is that as I do the clearing statements, I’m getting ideas that seem to really resonate and I’m working those ideas. It is like, once I am doing the statements, it is lifting the fog and I”m seeing what lies ahead. Almost like it is waiting on me and beckoning me forward (whatever you want to call “it”). (9/17/15)
  • I’m really feeling so blessed these days. Since I quit the job, I’m feeling like I’m free of the toxicity I was swimming in and it is allowing me to be my creative self once again. I’m enjoying my days and learning so much to help my creativity. I’m getting insights and ideas that I’m acting upon. I feel like my cup runneth over. I’m still detoxing from all the stress, but each week, it gets a little better. I’m so looking forward to a vacation to the mountains coming up in a week. Going to enjoy being with the trees and testing my camera to the limits. (9/20/15)
  • Even in the midst of some struggles and battles today, I got a little piece of good news. I’ve been promoting a product through Amazon, but when I sent the company a link to a video I created on their product, they were quite pleased. They shared with me a way to promote their product that would be much better income and it is something that going forward, I will be including in talks I give. So, just one of those nice little moments in among the thorny travel right now. (9/22/15)
  • One of the things i saw my mom do growing up was no matter how little food or money we had, she always loved to cook meals and invite other people over. Somehow she knew how to make food stretch and feed a lot of people. I’ve learned some of that, but not as well as my mom could do. Yesterday, we made vegetable lasagna and had a good friend over. It was fun to share the meal with them. The thing is, I had so much left over veggies that now I’m making a big batch of soup. Between left over food from last night and what I’m making today, we’ll feast for a week. I was a little concerned that we went over budget in the grocery store the other night, but it feels like what we bought just multiplied many times over. So I feel like we got a double blessing – enough to share with a friend and more than enough to carry us through several low cost meals. On top of it, the food is delicious and it is home cooked healthy without all the added yucky stuff you get eating out.  (11/2/15)




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  • Why did I feel so heavy today during the session, especially when we were discussing Dad energy? (9/12/15)





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