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My Unlimited Abundance Journey – Month 2


My Unlimited Abundance Journey - Month 2Oh boy, was the setting for listening to this call ever a doozy.  I was on a much needed and long overdue vacation, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to participate in this conference call of the Unlimited Abundance Live program.  Funny thing though that happened (ok, maybe not funny, but in some ways it is unusual how events took place).  We were on our way back home and after stopping to eat, I got food poisoning.  I ended up not leaving a hotel room for the next two days as I was so sick.  So I had plenty of time to listen to the program from bed.  Its interesting how things work out at times and I’m glad I did get a chance to listen to it.

Please keep checking back because I will keep adding updates as I warranted to help show my progress and become my journal though this 12 month program.  This is the second month of the program and the topic of the conference call was Permission Granted, “Abundance Genie” activated.

Permission Granted, “Abundance Genie” activated

  • One of the major points that I just loved was the “bonfire”.  We were led to dump everything and anything we could into the bonfire where love would consume it.  It was a great concept and exercise.  I was also the “winner” of the post where I shared something that happened to me and everyone was inspired by it.  On a side note, when I let myself be vulnerable and share about my experiences, it is always interesting to see how it touches so many other people.  (10/3/15)
  • One of the things that I found while on vacation was this pottery dish I have highlighted on this page.  It is so beautiful.  Here is what I posted about it on the Facebook Group.

While on my vacation where challenges were many, I stumbled upon this pottery bowl that just sort of reached out and begged me to take it home. I know I could use it to put food in etc, but I don’t think I’m going to use it for that purpose. When I look at this bowl, the word “receiving” comes to mind and so I’ll honor that in some way. I just love the colors. They bring tears to my eyes much like onyx stone does. Feels like a very powerful “good” connection. Anyway, I just had to share this because just seeing the image makes me feel grateful for all that I have and all that is coming my way.  10/08/15)

  • Throughout the vacation, it seemed like anything and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  However instead of letting everything get to me, I was able to keep things in perspective.  Many times during all the “events” that happened, things could have been much worse.  Yet, in every instance, it seemed like we were taken care of and things just worked out. (10/12/15)

As I keep looking over the past week of events and see all that has transpired, I’m amazed beyond belief. Its almost unbelievable. Through every situation we’ve encountered (although difficult maybe in the moment or frightening at times), we’ve met some great people that have been there in many ways. It was like, even though the situation could have been more then we could bear, there was something / someone that helped make it better – helped the situation not be so bad.

I’m not freaking out like I normally would. I’m not getting angry like I normally would. I’m just going with the flow and we’re laughing about it. Due to the flooding, I’m heading home tomorrow a long way and I get to go back through the mountains. I was not ready to leave them and so I get to go back through them once again. I’m feeling like even though the vacation didn’t go as planned, this has become a life changing week. I’m still processing what all has happened.

I feel like I have my superman cape on and I’m soaring through life facing whatever happens. Maybe its my super power? smile emoticon I know I could also go through some of the areas with flooding, but my intuition is telling me to not do that but go the long way home. I tried to push back but felt my intuition very strong in this and so I’m trusting it for whatever reason. Could that be my inner genie showing me something different? Too early for me to understand. (10/05/15)

  • I’m finally doing much better about doing my WWIT statements. I was thinking about them throughout the day but then after reading Jackie’s post, I decided I needed to do them more “verbally”. So that’s what I am doing. Kicking it up a few levels…  (10/12/15)
  • Something I shared on a post another person wrote that touched me –

Thanks for sharing this because I’m finding my attitude about daily life is changing too… I’m much more happy and full of love. Its definitely a major shift for me too that I feel. I always love it when I resonate with things that others are experiencing. (10/12/15)

  • All in all, I’m enjoying this journey with Unlimited Abundance.  I can see shifts in myself and I can see how I view things changing.  There are other good things that are happening which are just too personal to share on this public site.  I saw this tweeted out today and it pretty much sums up how I feel in this moment.  “Have you ever just stopped for a second and thought, “I am truly so happy with everything and everyone in my life right now and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.”
  • More Realizations and Ah Ha Moments.

Yesterday we received some cash to pay for a deal we are working on (cash only deal – all legit – nothing shady). I have never seen that much cash in my life so I was having fun photographing it. While I’m not sure it is legal to post a picture online of what I did, I wrote on an index card that I placed on top of it with the words “What Would It Take”. It was a cool exercise! Interesting to just feel the energy of that and the money itself. At one time I would have been repulsed by doing this. I’d love to post a picture, but I’m not sure if the US treasury would come looking for me. So to be on the safe side… I won’t post it or distribute it.  (10/15/15)

  • A Happy Place For My Money

I feel like I stepped into buttwhooping day yesterday. Everywhere I turned, I felt like I got whooped. Part of it was with my bank in something not working and I got the big brush off by their support. So I carried that all the way through the night with me and woke up this morning real crabby (hanging the sign around me that says “Leave me alone”).

Of course as I got thinking about this, I was like – what in the heck am I doing. Why do I need to sit in the energy of this? So, out started the WWIT statements and the Delete, Uncreate, Destory statements. I was like, I don’t need this stuff. I don’t need this icky energy.

Feeling better now and I’m going to go find a new bank since no one seems to be helping me at the old one. If they don’t care about my money, I don’t need to hold it in their place. I’d like my money to reside in a happy and helpful bank.  (10/16/15)

  • I’m Doing Opposing Activities For Abundance

Another “moment” came to me today. I’m going through the process of switching banks and I looked at my account with what I had saved up before I quit my job. I’m working on getting things up and running for my business so that money flows in, but it takes some time to bring everything together.

Anyway, I’m looking at what is left and thinking – that’s it… that’s all I’ll have… how long before it runs out. Lack, etc…

Now while that may be a prudent step to take for planning, for me it is more about the fact that I view my money as when it is gone – I’m doomed. Its over. That’s it. No more is coming. That’s how I really see it.

Of course, then I’m like – what possible good comes out of seeing money this way. If I see it as going away and how long before it is gone – what kind of energy does that put out into the universe for abundance. That is a rhetorical question of course.

So now I’m trying to re-frame that and clear it, but it was an important realization today. I can’t be focusing on how long before it is gone if I’m asking for the universe to come through. Opposite activities!  (10/16/15)

  • A Trigger that popped up and I used some of the Unlimited Abundance techniques to deal with it.

I’ve had a rough weekend with a major trigger, but I’m not about to let it continue to ruin my days. Sorry trigger, but I uncreate, delete and destory you. Bye bye… On to bigger and better things!!  (10/19/15)

  • Watching others attract abundance always helps inspire me in the possibilities for my own life.

I can’t give the specifics, but saw a business deal come together for my partner that will help him over the next year and thereby help me continue what I am working on. What started out as something small became so much more than we realized was actually happening. Wish I could share the details, but I can’t right now. I knew the other day without a doubt that this deal was going to happen – ah intuition. When he was doubting it, I just point blank said, “I have no doubt”. “It will happen”.

Its blowing my mind though that we got double what he thought he was going to get on the business deal. I have a number that keeps popping in my mind of what this will all be worth throughout the year. It is a very strong image with the number.

Amazing how when we clear, it also affects more than just us and I know I’ve read on here about how many different streams of abundance can come from the universe – this is proof for me!  (10/19/15)

  • Learning about abundance from other sources can always help us learn more about abundance in our own life.

Last night I was watching Shark Tank and a local area guy was asked how much money he put into his venture so far. He said “one dollar”. He then explained that when he was talking to his wife about the idea, she asked how much he thought it would cost. He replied, “around $8,000”. So, he then played the lottery buying a one dollar ticket. He managed to win so many numbers and his take was $8000.

That made me grin last night when I heard that. I marveled at how it came together for him. I don’t know the full story so I’m not sure he practices what we are learning or not. It just tickles me that his $1 investment gave him the startup funds he needed to get his business dream off and running.

It makes me question myself if I am selling myself too short at times… Hmmm.. makes me think! Anyway, I just had to share this because it really caught my attention last night. (10/21/15)

  • A film that inspired me about abundance was probably not what they producers had in mind but it was a powerful teaching film to me.

So last night I went to see a documentary about a guy who really had a big impact on the music industry. As I was watching this, I saw how his life progressed. He didn’t all of the sudden make a difference, he just kept following his dream. Even a couple of times where things completely collapsed on him, he got up and found another way to keep his dream going. I loved the resilience he had and just seeing that no matter what came his way, he found a way through it. It was one of those documentaries that made me really think and reflect. It felt to me that it was helping me to learn and reflect on my own life in a different way. The thing is, everything didn’t fall into place for this guy at one moment. He just lived his dream. The name of this movie was “The Record Man“.  (10/25/15)

  • A business venture and seminar is beginning to happen as I align with my true purpose in life.

So this past week has been a roughie toughie sliding down into the mudpit life kind of a week. I thank Christie for what she said to me in another thread because it allowed me to hit the nail on the head.

I was looking at myself like I can’t do anything as far as getting my new business venture off the ground. I felt helpless and defeated and powerless. However, it connected to when I was 5 years old and something happened that left me in a state where i had no power/control and I was helpless. Darn, if I thought i had taken care of that one, but the energy of it was still with me. So once I acknowledged it, I cleared it.

Today, a seminar that I’ve been planning and was beginning to think would have no one show up – now I have 4 people wanting to come. This is something completely new that I’m trying and I’m forging my own path through what I want, rather than follow what others do. That’s just me, but this is a beginning step to the visions I have in my mind.

Anyway, I figured if I was going to go down my slip and slide into the mud-pit of life, I might as well make mud-pies… I’m enjoying them now. I just have to joke about it a little, because sometimes it is the way I see things differently.

And it dawned on me as well, that I’ve been redesigning a website so I can increase the hits for the Christmas season. It isn’t like I was stuck – I just wasn’t seeing what was going on! I was already doing steps and actions I needed to do!

Tonight, I saw the publication come out with my ad in it for a workshop I am giving. The ad is in there and fine, but they did a very large writeup and placement in the beginning of the publication. You can’t help but see it and my picture from my trip to the mountains was used. I’m blown away by what I saw and didn’t expect the placement or design in the way that they did. I couldn’t have asked for anymore. Already had one contact today and I’ve got a feeling, I will need to find a bigger room to give this workshop in. That’s ok – I’m prepared to do that if I have to. (11/3/15)

Okay, things keep changing. Just had three more people sign up for my workshop. If I get one more person, I’ve probably got to find a bigger space to do it because the free room I have will be too small. I’m amazed at the nice people calling me and the things they are telling me on the phone. Its beautiful. Makes the heart sing with joy. So now, WWIT to find a larger room that doesn’t cost me much (my options are a little limited in this area I am in). I’ll leave it up to the universe to help me figure out the details. (11/6/15)

I am now up to 12 people signed up for my workshop. I’m thinking it will continue to grow and so my little room will not hold that many people. I love the problem to solve and yes I’m doing the WWIT statements to work out all the details. Not worrying about it, just following my guidance. I’m so filled with Joy and I have much more in mind for what lies ahead that I’m planning.  11/8/15)

  • Little abundance things that begin to show up randomly help me see there is so much more.

I’ve been asking for WWIT for little things to show up. Last night I got a free gift card in email (and it was legit). I wasn’t expecting it. Today, I a friend I was talking to got a couple of gift cards to a store we go to but they don’t, and they are sending them to us. Now, that’s a way to end the week!  (11/6/15)

  • Abundance even comes in the form of saving money on brochures I needed for my business.

Wow, I needed to order some brochures and online it was going to cost me about $75 for nice color pretty ones I designed. Just found a groupon tonight that dropped the price down to $27 and then a new credit card is giving me a $15 credit when I use it, so that order of $75 will end up costing me only $12. Awesome! Whoo hooo…  (11/8/15)




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  • It was hard to feel the “abundance genie or my higher self and yet I think I do normally hear that.  Maybe it was because I had been sick and not feeling well? (10/03/15)
  • The fears still seem large that crop up to keep me doubting that I am an abundant person.  How do I keep working through those fears and letting things go? (11/15/15)





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