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Observing Mom And Dad Spend Money

Observing Mom And Dad Spend Money

This is part of my journey of learning into Unlimited Abundance.  The first call in the series of this program was on the Mom and Dad energy.  It isn’t meant to beat up or blame Mom and Dad.  It is about observing what we learned and saw and then adjusting and re-calibrating our own life.

For me, I saw my Dad spend money.  We would get the weekly sales fliers in the newspaper and he’d go through them looking for everything he should run and buy.  Most of the items were probably something that could be justified and we could use, but they were not really necessary.  They were nice to haves, but not need to haves.  He just saw it and wanted it.

I also saw my Dad give mega amounts of money to the church and to the Lowell Lundstrum ministry.  These places are good at dragging a lot of money out of people because as they tell you, “if you give to them, God will give it back to you many times over”.  Too many see it as depositing a $1000 in an ATM machine and having the ATM spit out much more money then you put in.  Yes, I realize that many see this giving in a different way, but if people were honest, they would realize they do this.  I do know it isn’t easy to be honest with yourself.

These two examples are just what I observed.  You could read them and say, this isn’t that bad.  Giving money to a church or ministry is a good thing. Why are you acting like that is bad?  Well, let me explain.

During these times, we barely had enough money to pay bills.  We barely had enough food to eat.  I remember going to bed hungry at night or having popcorn to eat and that was all we got.  I remember living in cold houses and having to keep the heat down so far because otherwise we could not pay for it.  I remember not having enough clothes to wear and snow boots with holes in the bottom of them.

Now, if you observed my Mom, she was the one that tried to balance the checkbook and she would worry and stress over every dollar.  She had good reason to because of the money my dad would spend.  I know they got into fights over it and it never seemed like he understood.  Of course, she would go overboard too and not spend anything.  She was at the mercy of what my dad spent.

As I grew up, there were times that I would never spend a cent on myself.  I thought it was wrong.  There were other times and periods in my life where I spent so much, I filed bankruptcy as a result.  I had a difficult time modulating my spending verses my saving actions.  I still struggle with that but I am getting better.  I also made very bad choices and decisions because I had no idea how to manage money decisions.

Observing what it is that I was taught and what I witnessed, allows me to go in and change my life.  It allows me to go in and see what energy and blockages I have.  It allows me to see the things I may need to let go of, so I can find a different place in my life with respect to money.

It isn’t about right or wrong, but what best serves me.  It is about letting it go and finding balance so that money doesn’t rule me.  When we grow up, we mirror that which was taught to us by our caregivers (i.e. parents, relatives, siblings).  It is how we learn.  Most of the time, these people aren’t out to hurt us, but often because they weren’t taught, they don’t always get it right.

As adults, it is up to us to begin teaching ourselves what we need to learn.  We can’t depend upon others to do it.  It must come from within if we are to take what Mom and Dad did and mold it into the life we desire and need.


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