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Reclaiming Healthy Touch In My Life

Reclaiming Healthy Touch In My LifeA continuation from the beginning introduction page of my term paper.

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Reclaiming Healthy Touch Introduction.

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Hope and Possibility Through Trauma.

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Other Forms Of Body Work Helpful To Trauma Survivors



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  1. Introduction
  2. Why Reclaiming Healthy Touch Matters
  3. How Does Trauma Affect The Brain
  4. Evidence Of Trauma In The Body
  5. Special Considerations Reclaiming Healthy Touch
  6. Full Body Massage And Trauma Survivors
  7. Other Forms Of Body Work Helpful To Trauma Survivors
  8. Reclaiming Healthy Touch In My Life
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Reclaiming Healthy Touch In My Life

In 1991, I was paralyzed from a phenomenon called a conversion disorder.  The paralysis came on very suddenly and only affected my legs at the beginning.  Within a short time, I went through all types of spastic contractions.  My entire body became paralyzed, including speech, memory and movement.

The paralysis was a direct result of many traumatic events that included physical abuse, verbal abuse and sexual abuse from my childhood years. Every inch of my body learned what it meant to hurt from the experiences that it went through and how to “numb out” from the trauma.

Growing up in a world where I did not know what healthy touch was all about, I became withdrawn in the world around me.  I always kept people at a distance.  After working through many issues in counseling, I began to try massage in order to learn what touch was all about.  I was extremely scared to do this and it was one of the most difficult steps that I took.  Fortunately the massage therapist I went to was a person who was very sensitive, caring and respectful throughout this process.

I have begun to use massage on a regular basis.  My body still harbors many memories of traumatic events and it will take time to completely retrain my body that not all touch hurts.  Being at Educating Hands has helped me to go from the point of just realizing someone was touching me to being able to describe what the touch felt like.

In the future I hope to become personally acquainted with Hakomi as well, so that I can free my body from the memories that are holding it back.  I will continue to get massage so that I can further develop my understanding of what healthy touch is all about.





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