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Relaxation Seminar at Southern Technical College

Relaxation Seminar at Southern Technical CollegeOn September 12, 2012, I was invited to speak at Southern Technical College in Sanford, Florida on the topic of “Relaxation Through Mind Body Awareness”.  The school, students, and faculty were very receptive to what I shared with them, and treated me with a warm welcome.  The main concept behind this presentation was to help get people to STOP, SENSE, and FEEL.  Below are resources, the video presentation set to the audio recording, and the outline of the talk.  You will also find a link to the handout that was given to the students.

A special thank you goes out to Dean Richard Covington for making this possible, Dr. Carlos M. Lopez Arroyo for the use of his classroom, my cousin Professor Teresa Brown for helping to make this happen, and all the others that were involved and attended this seminar.


Handouts Given At The Seminar:



Resources Discussed In The Presentation:

  1. Don Shetterly
  2. Dr. Paul Canali, D.C. – Miami, Florida
  3. Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C.
    Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself  (Amazon)
  4. Dr. John Sarno, M.D.



Slide Presentation Video

If you would like to view the slide show and listen to the audio recording of the presentation, I have put together a video on YouTube you can watch by clicking on the follow video.





Slide Outline From Presentation


  1. Introduction
  2. What will be covered
    • My Journey Towards Relaxation
    • Mind Body And Stress
    • Stop, Sense, And Feel Exercise
    • What Can We Do About Stress?
    • Ways To Relax
    • Relaxation Exercise
  3. My Journey – Cruise 1991
    • Relaxation only for vacations
    • Didn’t have time for it
    • I chilled out once in awhile
    • I really wasn’t that stressed
    • Didn’t know how to relax
  4. My Journey – Conversion Disorder
    • Started out with partial paralysis
    • Lethargic, sleeping most of the day
    • Pseudo seizure type symptoms
    • Diagnosed initially with MS
    • Anxiety attacks
    • Memory loss
    • Communication difficulties
    • Could not feel
  5. My Journey – Healing / Moving Forward
    • Voices In Action
    • Educating Hands Massage School
    • Dr. Paul Canali
  6. My Journey – Somatization
    • Conversion of stressors or trauma into physical symptoms in the brain.
    • Everyone somaticizes
    • Conversion Disorder is an extreme case of somatization
    • I had a severe form of somatization
  7. My Journey – Somatization – Recognize These?
    • Gut Decision?
    • My Back Is Killing Me?
    • Pain In The Neck?
    • Feet Pain – next steps are unknown
    • Shoulder/Arm Pain – frustrated in life
    • Neck Tension – stressed out
  8. My Journey – Exercise
    • Feel The Body
  9. Dr. John Sarno (The Divided Mind)
    • Everyone is under pressure or stress of some kind or another, and we all have both internal and external reactions to these pressures, and then physical symptoms manifest in response to these feelings.
  10. Dr. John Sarno (Mind Body Prescription)
    • Physical Symptoms are a defense mechanism of the brain
  11. Dr. John Sarno – The Divided Mind
    • The brain is diverting attention to the body, in order to avoid the awareness of or confrontation with certain unconscious or repressed frightening or threatening feelings, especially anger or rage.
  12. Dr. Paul Canali – Evolutionary Healing Institute
    • As much as 80 to 90% of all primary care physician visits are related to stress.
  13. Dr. Paul Canali – Evolutionary Healing Institute
    • Trauma, repetitive stress without release, changes our biology, our chemistry, our bodies, minds, brains and nervous system
  14. Dr. Paul Canali – Evolutionary Healing Institute
    • When human beings are exposed to high levels of stress, injury or painful experience, their brains disconnect from an inner feeling (or felt sense) of the body
  15. Dr. Paul Canali – Evolutionary Healing Institute
    • Trauma (or stress) can be anything that hurts us such as mistreatment from others, accidents, natural disasters, physical and emotional abuse and accumulated stress.
  16. Dr. Paul Canali – Evolutionary Healing Institute
    • It is the source of chronic pain, disease, suffering, fear, and anxiety. It is the main reason why people don’t heal from any condition.
  17. Dr. Paul Canali – Evolutionary Healing Institute
    • Understanding how it affects each and every one of us is the most important secret that any human being can learn.
  18. Dr. Joe Dispenza – Breaking The Habit
    • On the other hand, when the brain is stressed, its electrical activity will be like an entire orchestra of musical instruments playing badly. The mind will be out of rhythm, out of balance, and out of tune.
  19. Don Shetterly – Hope & Possibility Through Trauma
    • The more you clear out – the more you give your life, your mind, and your physical body room for greater awareness, peace, and a capacity to deal with the stress of life
  20. Don Shetterly – Hope & Possibility Through Trauma
    • If you’re stressed and feeling bombarded, it is time to take a moment and do a reset in life.
  21. Don Shetterly – Hope & Possibility Through Trauma
    • Don’t keep trudging through everything because you think you have to. If you stop and rest a little, you’ll fuel your body back up to take on everything coming at you.
  22. What Can We Do? – Stop, Sense And Feel
    • Need to connect with our body & our mind
    • Learn to sense and feel our body
    • Go into the trouble areas, rather than avoid
    • Release and let go
    • Spend time daily/weekly learning to relax
    • Massage and other bodywork methods
    • Sometimes we can’t do it all on our own
  23. Ways To Relax – So Many To List
    • Walking, Exercising, Sports, Reading
    • Nature, Gardening, Singing, Dancing
    • Mini breaks in a day
    • Regular healing bodywork
    • Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong
    • Pets, Laughing, Breath Work
    • Relaxation Music
  24. Ways To Relax – Be Creative
    • There are no right and wrong ways
    • What works for one, may not work for others
    • Find something that works for you and do it
    • Work on the health of your nervous system and give yourself more capacity to endure stress
    • Don’t run from stress – confront it and own it.
  25. Ways To Relax
    • Exercise of Breathing And Guided Meditation
  26. My Journey – Healing / Finding Purpose
    • Oprah – Nov 2010
    • Dr. Drew – Feb 2012
  27. My Journey – Things I Do
    • Find and spend time in relaxing places
    • Relax to sounds of ocean waves
  28. Resources
    • Slide show from this presentation
    • Links to books, music & other info
    • Sign Up For Email List



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