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Relaxing Music On Somatosync

As time goes, there will be a different set of music on these pages. However, I am still in the process of developing a concept I have and so at this moment, here is some of the music I have created and others that I feel is helpful in relaxation.

Some music sounds relaxing but when you check your pulse with the pulse meter, you find out there is very little difference. [click here for a way to determine what is relaxing and what just sounds nice to listen to]

Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds by Don Shetterly
Relaxing Music of Ocean Wave Sounds

Created off the Atlantic Ocean coast of Florida, these ocean wave sounds will relax you and lull you to sleep.  Noticing how time seemed to stand still at the beach, I knew I had to capture that sound.  Using the a portable Zoom recorder, a lot of patience and almost watching my recorder be washed out to sea, I managed to get over an hour of continuous ocean waves sound.  I play this CD as white noise all night long.  It helps me sleep more soundly and deeper, waking up in the morning feeling much more refreshed.  If I travel, I use this CD to help drown out the noise of hotels.


Relaxing Spa Music by Don Shetterly
Relaxing Spa Music

A special collection originally created as a project for Mother’s Day, but works at any time of the year.  The music selected for this CD is all created by Don Shetterly and flows from one song to the next.  It is beautiful piano music that transports you from the stress of life, into a world of relaxation.  It is as if you are relaxing in a spa.  Relaxing Spa Music is Don Shetterly’s best selling CD and is loved by many people.  50 minutes of relaxing, heart felt piano music to use for massage, in a relaxing bath or just for a quiet meditation moment.


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