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Somatization is the ability our brain to convert emotional and mental stressors into a physical condition.  When we begin to understand that we influence our body through our mind and the build up of stressors, we can then change our mind and our body, thereby altering the condition from only suffering to that of purpose in life.



  1. Ace Score Affects The Physical Mind And Body (4/23/13) – Study done with over 17,000 participants measuring the effects of adverse childhood experiences and the increased risk in health conditions.   It is a credible link of science that shows the relationship between somatization and physical health conditions.  While many people may already understand this, there is a disconnect within the medical and healing establishment to link these adverse childhood experiences and emotions with physical health problems.
  2. What Is Stress (8/4/14) – Stress is different things to different people.  Stress affects people in different ways, but the more we hide from stress, the more we numb our mind and body, thereby not noticing how stress is impacting our own life.
  3. Feeling Alive Or Numb (3/2/16) – Numbing can help us escape when experiences become to difficult in life.  It is our go-to-device in the body when these experiences are too much for the mind to make sense of and comprehend.  There is a way out of numbing.  We don’t have to stay in numbing.


  1. Dr. John Sarno 20/20 Interview (5/15/12) – In this September 1999 interview on 20/20, John Stossel talks with Dr. John Starno about an adjustment, not to your spine, but to your miind in order to end your back pain.  While many thought his ideas were too strange for the mainstream at the time, many people were able to heal themselves, just by shifting their consciousness to understand the process of somatization.



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