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Somatosync Healing

Somatosync Healing - Don ShetterlySomatosync is a combination of healing work that I have learned through various teachers. It is primarily based upon Unified Therapy with other modalities such as Trager(TM), Touchabilities, and Reiki, all playing an influencing role.

More importantly, it is because of the healing work I have done on myself that I can even present myself as a healer to anyone. My past experiences have brought me through a unique way of viewing life, the body, and what is possible. My creativity of music, helps me connect not only with the body, but with the mind. It is through my own healing, that I can truly be there for someone else as they walk through their own journey of life.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, conversion disorder, anxiety or other emotional disorders, I can help you connect and engage with the innate healing system of your body and the central nervous system.

There is an innate (built in) system of our body that wants to help us evolve. When we experience those difficult times in life, it is an opportunity for personal growth. By connecting with our felt sense and going within our body, we learn to connect with the authentic part of our self. It is a process of discovery into awareness and awakening an evolving consciousness from deep in our mind and body.


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