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Somatosync Podcast

Somatosync Radio For The Mind BodyWelcome to Somatosync Radio, where we allow our mind and body to consciously sync with awareness as we re-regulate the nervous system and rewire the brain.

Our intention is to bring you information that you may not necessarily find anywhere else and that will help push your mind and body to a new awareness.  While it would be wonderful to make this a daily or weekly event, time constraints will most likely prevent this.  Be sure to check back frequently for new radio shows, or subscribe to us on Twitter @mindbodythought for updates.



Recent Shows

  • May 15, 2012 – Healing Conversion Disorder With Dr. Paul Canali – (33 minutes) – In order to heal Conversion Disorder, we must address the mind body interface.  In this groundbreaking interview, we explore what is behind a conversion disorder and somatization, with Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing Institute.  Using the principles of Unified Therapy, we are able to interact with the mind body interface, finding hope and possibility through conversion disorder.   Listen to the show – click here.



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