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Blendtec Blender

This is the same Blendtec Blender that I have been using since 2009 and it is still going strong.   It is well worth the money especially when you are making Whole Food Smoothies.  We have used our Blendtec Blender every day since 2009 and at this rate, it seems like it will last forever.  If you are doing Whole Food Smoothies, this is the Blender to purchase.  It grinds all your ingredients up into a form that can be easily consumed.  You won’t go wrong purchasing this Blendtec Blender.

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Here is a video on YouTube of our Blendtec Blender in action.



Hope And Possibility Through Trauma

hope and possibility through trauma don shetterly Hope and Possibility Through Trauma is a book written by Don Shetterly which shares some of his healing journey through trauma and abuse.

Suffering from a somatoform disorder (also known as a Conversion Disorder) in 1991, Don Shetterly was paralyzed and not able to walk or take care of himself.  Traumatic moments of child abuse he lived through from an early age had finally caught up with him.  At age 26, Don was set on a path that in order to survive and live, he had to heal those deep dark corners of his life.  While this book is not a direct account of all that happened, the words here do form a picture of hope and possibility through trauma.  Often when Don’s world was upside down and it seemed as if he could not make it, he turned to writing to help piece the moments of his life back together.  These writings have come together into a book depicting the path of healing in his life.  While it has not been an easy journey, Don wants others to know that no matter what you have been through in life, there is Hope and Possibility Through Trauma.

Available through Amazon (Paperback and Kindle)
Hope And Possibility Through Trauma




Exercise Resistance Bands

Exercise Resistance Bands are a powerful tool to help in moving stuck energy from the body as a result of trauma or stressful experiences.  If you would like to learn more, please refer to the article I wrote on this site called, Exercise Resistance Bands Move Energy.  When you’re in that healing moment, these can be effective tools to help release so much from the body as you connect to the internal felt sense of the mind and body.





Autonomic Breathing With Resperate While this machine is cleared and approved by the FDA to help lower blood pressure, I am using it at the recommendation of a colleague to help me improve my autonomic breathing.  We all get far too busy in a day and using this machine helps me to not only stop for a moment, but work on breathing.  The more we work on our autonomic breathing, we will engage a natural healing ability in our body.  Click the picture or the word “Resperate” to see this product on Amazon.





At one time, I was promoting the Pulse Pulse Oximeter OctiveTech 300Pro through Clinical Guard.  However, they stopped working with me as an affiliate and their customer service failed me, so I have switched to one I found on Amazon.  I believe this is a necessary – must have device for every person and every home.  You can read more about pulse rate that I’ve written.  This looks similar to the one I have used and recommended, but since I have not tried it, I cannot fully state how good it is.  I will be testing it out soon.   This one is considerably cheaper on Amazon then what I paid for mine several years ago.  You may want to check out a blog post on Mind Body Thoughts that I wrote, “Why Is My Pulse High“.


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