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Somatosync Workshops

What Are The Workshops and Seminars About?

All too often in our busy lives, we fail to do one of the best things we could ever do for the stress of our mind, body and spirit.  By stopping, sensing and feeling, we give ourselves the ability to connect with areas within our self that hold our power and allow us to release not only stress, but physical pain.

These workshops are designed to not only help you relax, but to do so in a way that brings about a deep sense of connectedness to your body as well as your mind.  It is hard to fill our life up with peace, if our closets are full of hidden items that we no longer need.  Through this gentle approach, you will become much more aware of the mind body interface.  The more aware you become, the more able you are to make better choices and become more conscious in your life.

Don Shetterly is the creator and facilitator of these workshops.


Upcoming Seminars And Workshops

1.  Feeling Alive Or Numb?


DATE:  January 30, 2016
TIME:  1:30 pm to 3:30 pm (Please arrive at least 15 min early)
CHECK-IN:  Starts at 1:00 pm
PLACE: Orlando Hilton – Altamonte Springs, FL.
COST:  $15
CONTACT: or 407-741-3196
MORE INFO:  Feeling Alive Or Numb



One of the subjects we rarely ever talk or hear about is numbing.  We all do it.  We all know about it, but we often fail to understand just how numbing impacts our life.  Often when we face difficult experiences in our lives or overwhelming daily stress, we numb to survive and make it through the moments of our days.  Numbing is sometimes what gets us through life in that moment.  If we fail to go in and connect with what has happened, we will become imprisoned by numbing our bodies.

This seminar focuses on how prevalent numbing is and how much we all do it.  It takes into account cutting edge information as to how we can recognize it and the many benefits we will experience when we stop numbing in our body.  It is not just thinking happy thoughts or living a life of affirmations.  It involves going deep into the body and connecting with that which we have shut off in our life.

A drawing will be held for a free chair massage for anyone attending the seminar.

Don Shetterly is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Somatosync which is syncing the mind-body up with awareness.  He has studied many different modalities and was trained in areas such as Touchabilities, Trager, Unified Therapy and also healed himself from paralysis resulting from a Conversion Disorder. Don Shetterly is an author and musician and writes for various blogs and websites.  MA39456 / MM32856






Past Workshops and Seminars

1.  Syncing The Mind And Body

Date:  November 14
Time:  2 pm (1 hours)
Location:  Hilton Orlando in Altamonte Springs, FL
City:  Altamonte Springs, FL
Cost:  Free (Attendees will receive a free gift)
Seating is limited – call or email to reserve a place

Often duringAd-2-5-for-Oct-2015_alt200 the holiday season, we are faced with more stress.  There is always much to do, parties to attend, and relatives to meet.  Taking time to stop and sync up the mind and body is helpful to how we allow ourselves to handle the stress.  If we don’t stop and deal with the stress, it will deal with us.  Often stress shows up in tense muscles, chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches, and other physical symptoms. This workshop is informational and will help improve your understanding of what the mind and body connection truly is.  The more we become aware of our body and the sensations that we easily numb, the more capacity we have to endure all that comes our way.  It is not just a mind exercise, but one rooted in the physical body and nervous system. 


2. Stop, Sense & Feel

Date:  TBA
Time:  TBA (2 hours)
Location:  TBA
Cost:  $30

This workshop is about stopping, sensing and feeling.  It is more than a relaxation workshop, because we will center our focus on the mind – body interface and how we connect the felt sense with the physical reality.  As we stop, sense and feel, we become more aware of what is going on within our body.  The more aware we become, the more consciously we can make decisions that give us positive benefits for our life.  Through music, movement, stillness, breath work, and spoken word, we will experience a deeper state of the mind body connection, stress relief, and healing that comes from it.

Items to bring:  Yoga Mat or Blanket, Pillow and comfortable clothing

Note:  If physical limitations prevent you from being on the floor during the exercises, it is perfectly fine to use a chair for this workshop.  A Yoga mat is idea, but not the only way to do this workshop.





Past Seminars And Workshops

As of this moment, this is a new workshop I have put together.  It is brand new, but based upon other workshops I have done for various organizations and places.

1.  Relaxation Through Mind Body Awareness

Date:  September 12, 2012
Time:  10:30-11:30pm and 6:30-7:30pm
Location:  Southern Technical College
Cost:  $Free

A talk I was invited to give on stress management and how it relates to the mind body interface.  Topics covered in this talk include parts of my journey in learning how to relax along with how the mind and body interface is impacted by stress.  I share some information from various leaders and pioneers in this field as well as include a couple of exercises that help each participant feel and understand the mind body connection.  The presentation is about an hour long.  It is designed to give people some tools and help further the understanding of the role that stress plays in the mind and body.

Items to bring:  Nothing but an open mind.

Note:  This lecture is being given through events of Southern Technical College.  Please contact the school for signup information..


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