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Suicide affects anyone left behind.   It devastates families and friends.  It leaves a hole that can never be filled.  Yes, you go forward in life and heal, but suicide will always be the ghost in the closet.  I have struggled with suicide in my own life, but this page goes out to starting a discussion to help stop suicide and help those heal that have been affected by it.  If you need assistance, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for help.


  1. A Mother’s Promise To Help After Son’s Suicide (12/19/15) – Devastated by her son’s suicide, Barbara Lempereur knew that in order to survive and heal her pain, she needed to help others.  This article is from an interview and discussion Don Shetterly, Jeff Lemlich has with Barbara about her son’s suicide.   She is adamant there are too too many young people committing suicide and it needs to stop.  This article will take your breath away but offer support and help to many.
  2. We Need To Talk About Suicide (8/4/15) – This is a blog post from Mind Body Thoughts that I wrote a few months ago.  It is my frank discussion on this topic of Suicide.   We need to be there for others and find a way to prevent and stop suicide.  No one needs to feel this alone.





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