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Trauma Release

Trauma Release is more than just emotions coming out or some experience that makes us feel like we are releasing something in our body.  Trauma release involves the connection of our mind and body together as we release stressors, trauma, and experiences that occupy our body.


  1. Innate Process Of Trauma And Movement (4/3/12) – Information on how trauma release truly works when it is healing and just how innate of a process this is for the body.  It is more than just movement and activating various muscles or points within the body.  It involves reading the body, watching for signs of dissociation, and bring the person to resolution, rather than just bring emotions or body shaking to the surface.
  2. Take My Pain Away (4/19/12) – When we focus on trying to get rid of the pain in our body, we are actually not helping our body heal.  The pain is there for a reason and when we allow our body to go into the pain and uncover its message for our life, it is then that healing begins.
  3. Trembling And Shaking In Trauma Release (8/3/14) – If our only purpose of trauma release is shaking and trembling, we will be doing more harm then good.   Connecting trauma release with the mind and felt sense of the body will bring lasting change in physical and mental ways.
  4. Feeling Listened To Helps Trauma (10/22/15) – When we listen to those that have went through abuse and trauma, they have a much greater opportunity to heal from all that they have experienced. Includes a discussion of quotes by Mike Lew and Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.
  5. A Trauma Story For Others (10/22/15) – So often when we have been through experiences of abuse and trauma, the brain numbs us to what actually happened.  We can go through our days hiding and telling a trauma story for others, but our body knows the truth even if we try to hide from it.
  6. Reclaiming Healthy Touch (4/10/16) – Term paper from massage school on Reclaiming Healthy Touch that was written on July 21, 2003 dealing with topics of trauma, survivors, the body, massage, body work that can help and resources.



  1. Exercise Resistance Bands Move Energy (12/6/15) – When we go through trauma or stressful experiences, energy gets stored and stuck in the body.  When it does, it creates tension, pain, and chronic conditions.  Using exercise resistance bands help moves energy out of our body that is stuck.  It helps us heal our body while making the connection to the internal felt sense between our mind and our body.



  1. Peter Levine Interview – Trauma Proofing Your Kids (YouTube) – An excellent interview with Peter Levine (author of Waking the Tiger) in how we can be much more proactive with helping our kids deal with trauma.  In fact, the same lessons that apply for our kids, are just as helpful for adults.


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