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Triggers are events and experiences from our past that are activated at a future time, even though these experiences are not present in the current moment.  They are there as a catalyst to further evolution and development of our consciousness should we decide to embrace them, rather than run from them in fear.

  1. Tips For dentist Office Triggers And Anxiety (8/13/12) – Often the dentist office can be a very frightening experience full of triggers and anxiety.  Especially if you have experienced severe trauma or child abuse in your life and you struggle with dentist office anxiety, you need to read these tips.  If you are a dentist, then you most definitely need to read this article.
  2. Triggered By Sounds (4/4/12) – We all have triggers in our life and while some of us may be more conscious of them than others, they still affect us.  In this article, Don Shetterly shares his personal struggle with one trigger that has haunted him for most of his life.
  3. Touch Triggered Anger In Flashback (12/5/15) – When a simple touch can trigger so much anger because of a flashback, it begins to change life.  I found this out recently when my body shut down and I blamed the person that I thought was responsible, when in fact he was an innocent party.  Flashbacks are a horror of going through hell in life and even with all the healing work I’ve been through, I still have my rough moments of anger outbursts.
  4. Trauma Triggers (12/19/15) – Even a simple thing like a cover on my bed at night rubbing or gliding across my back can really trigger me.  The trauma that I went through leaves the hit and run moments in the nighttime for me.   All it takes to amp up the effect is to have a cold night where a blanket may not be over me to keep me warm and then I’m left feeling very angry at everyone and anything around me.


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