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Unified Therapy Seminar 2012

Using the innate felt sense in the body, Unified Therapy accesses the autonomic nervous system by going into the fear and releasing the effects of stressors and trauma on our life.  As a person does this, their body is able to heal in ways that they never would expect and find a peace and compassion towards the world unlike any they have ever seen.

Unified Therapy is an interdisciplinary approach that helps us find consilience among similar and independent fields.

Note:  Updated and Revised Information Below

When:  September 29th and 30th
Location:  Evolutionary Healing Institute, South Miami, FL
Cost:  $350
More Information:  Call 305-667-8174 /

Some of the things you will learn in the seminar include how to recognize symptoms of stress, how traumatic experiences affect the person and the mind as well as how the autonomic nervous system affects pain, anxiety, and PTSD.  You will also learn new treatment options for disorders of dysregulation of the Autonomic Nervous system.  In addition, you will understand step-by-step techniques in how to implement Unified Therapy.

Instructors are Dr. Paul Canali, Barbara A. Graham, and Quayny Porter Brown.

For More Information, go to Evolutionary Healing .

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