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Writing Moves Stuck Energy Of Trauma

Writing Moves Stuck Energy Of TraumaOne of the things that you can do to help you deal with the anger and pain of being abused or wronged is to write a letter that you don’t mail. This is something that will help you move through energy that gets stuck.  It is a good exercise for helping to heal from trauma.

For those that have been abused, it isn’t easy dealing with the anger and pain from the experiences we have gone through. There isn’t always an easy way to let it out, and sometimes trying to find an appropriate way is just too difficult.  Trauma gets stuck in the mental, emotional, and physical parts of the body, so anything that helps move energy that gets stuck can be extremely helpful and healing.

In this writing exercise, you just write and write until you get to a point where you’ve written enough. You write a letter, but you don’t send it. This is for you to process the emotions, feelings, pains, and abuse or wrongs you have experienced.

You can start out the writing exercise with a number of different phrases, but a good one to use is “when I think of you“. Just take your piece of paper, start by writing that phrase and then allow yourself to let go. Keep writing. Don’t stop!

It doesn’t matter if the grammar is right or even if you can read it when you’re done. The only requirement is that you write until you can write no matter. Keep the writing at a rapid pace so your self-doubt and critical side cannot analyze it.  You want to write from your emotional brain, not your analytical brain.

You’re just trying to get it all out and move the energy that is often stuck inside. As you use the mock letter exercise, you will hopefully feel emotion or tension leaving your body. You may feel a little disoriented and raw, but allow that to just pass through.  You may not feel much until after you are done with this.

Give yourself some rest and take care of yourself, but don’t stop the stuck energy from moving through your body.  Allow whatever needs to happen to come out and process.

By all means, I would not send that letter. Feel free to destroy it, burn it, or rip it to shreds. Even the act of doing those things may help you send some of the anger and pain and energy into oblivion so that you can empower yourself to move forward and onward from the trauma, abuse or pain.



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One Response to "Writing Moves Stuck Energy Of Trauma"

  1. Trevor says:

    I did that same thing in a group once.
    We wrote a letter to our abuser and drew
    a photo of them. Putting the drawing in
    in a chair. We sat in one opposite and
    read the letter. No one got through dry
    eyed. Most were really angry, and hurt.

    It helped a lot.

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